Your Favourite Band Sucks…

(This blog was originally written on Myspace)

Three weeks ago the fantastic Sleater-Kinney announced they were to go their separate ways at the end of their current tour.

This news left me sad-wise. I know all good things must come to an end, but why did they have to go and do a silly thing like that? This a world where the blandest, most inoffensive soft rock is met with rapturous approval from the masses, the people mistaking earnest vocals for genuine emotion. Where you listen to the radio in a vain attempt to find our indie band saviours, but are faced by an infinite number of identikit soundalikes, all of whom cite the same bands as influences. When faced by this, it’s not hard to see why i think Sleater-Kinney fucking ROCK.

These Riot Grrls were something special. The wonderous combination of Corin’s banshee-like wail, Carrie’s catchy punk pop riffs, and Janet’s powerful drumming (listen to The Woods, man. She OWNS it), burrowed deep into my man-heart because they sounded different and distinct to anything I heard before, because they played with a real energy and passion, because they dared to say and mean something. These girls showed more balls in one song than Embrace the Keaneplay Patrol displayed in their entire back catalogue. Within days, though, Sleater-Kinney will be gone, and Embrace the Keaneplay Patrol will continue their endless droning and slowly kill all that is good and pure in the world. It’s not fair, but when has life ever been?

That said, we must always look for positives. There’s the rumoured live DVD that those who never saw S-K can live vicariously through, and we can but hope for solo records from Corin and Carrie. Janet will be back to her long time side-project band Quasi, with her ex-husband. I’ve only just downloaded an album of theirs and haven’t listened to it yet, so i can’t tell you if it’s any good. Quasi will be doing a small UK tour next month and just so happen to be playing the Greenmanfestival which isn’t a million miles away from me, so regardless of the quality of the album, i think it only fair that i should do my best to make it down there and yell “YOU RULE, JANET!” at the top of my human voice.

It will always be to my eternal regret that I never went to see Sleater-Kinney play live. I had the opportunity. They briefly toured the UK and Europe after their ATP performance in May and I had ample time to plan and go see them, but I let it pass thinking i would get the chance to see them again at a future date. How wrong I was. Deep within I cling to the word ‘hiatus’ which the band used in their farewell letter to the fans. Okay, the word ‘indefinite’ was also used before it, but there is the slimmest hope that one day they’ll reform and rock our socks once again. And I’ll be there, front row centre, all doe-eyed…

I will miss them muchly, my musical world will be that little bit less exciting without them, but i will always have their seven albums of genius to listen to. And with that, all that remains for me to say is this –

Thank you, Sleater-Kinney. Quite simply, YOU ROCKED.

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