If The Devil Is Six…

(This blog was originally written on Myspace)

Today, my grandfather opened the door to a Jehovah Witness. I was upstairs going aboot my “business” and could hear all what was said. My grandfather, being a kindly soul, didn’t shut the door straight away or tell the witness to get off his property like I would have. No, he listened to what the person had to say. It was all fairly inane until the Jehovah handed over a couple of those Watchtower magazines and pointed out what was written on the cover of one – “When sickness is no more!” and said “You’ll be happier when sickness is no more”.

That made me angry. In my human head i took it to mean “you’ll be better off when you’re in Heaven”, or in other words, “you’ll be better off when you’re dead!” How FUCKING dare they?! But then, maybe that’s just me. I do have previous form when it comes people knocking on my door, pushing their beliefs on me or my family. It’s something that really shakes my soda.

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