Twattery of the highest order…

(This blog was originally written on Myspace)

Get this –

Ms. Josie Long is coming to town with her Kindness and Exuberance this saturday and t’is my want that i go bask in the glowing warmth of her warming glow. Seeing as i work on the weekends i thought it sensible to take the day off (Yes, I know I finish at eight and the Wyeside, where the comedy takes place at half eight, is a three-minute walk, but i’ll be all tired and hungry and that’s no way to see funnies. Trust me, I’ve done it before). I asked last week and got a “I suppose it’ll be alright” from the boss…

Anyway, today, while the boss was handing over my pay, she asked what I’m planning to do with my day. I don’t like to answer this question usually. I mean, it’s no-ones business what I get up to on a day off. To me it sounds like searching for valid reasons to be away from work. I don’t need reasons, it’s a day I’m entitled to. If I want to spend the day throwing bricks in the river, or injecting heroin in my eyeball, I can! Get over it…

So, I answered. I said I was up to this, that, and the other. Oh, and I’m going to the comedy. “I thought so” came the boss’ reply. “I think you have one day left. It’s awkward, though, as my granddaughter is coming down…”

Well, slap my ass and call me Sally! God forbid I have social life! How dare I have a day off and go enjoy myself! I mean, I’ve only worked the overwhelming majority of weekends for the last FIVE YEARS…


Why do i put up with this? Because I’m a sucker for punishment, that’s why.

Well, if i have used up the last of my days off, it appears that I’m gonna be quite quite ill over the coming months *cough cough*…

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