God is a number…

(This blog was originally written on Myspace)

So, it was midday and I was at work. I had just served a man, a fairly pleasant person with a Liverpudlian accent, he was walking towards the door and I went to listen to my iPod when the man stopped, turned around, and walked towards the counter.

“Can I ask you a question?” he said.

“Sure” I replied, expecting a question on how to get somewhere, or what the area is like.

“Have you ever thought about the existence of God?” he asked.

I was a little taken aback, it’s not something I’m asked every day, but I answered. “Well… Yeah, I have. I don’t believe in God. I’m an atheist.”

“What about creation?”

“What ABOUT creation?” I asked back.

“Surely that proves there’s a higher power.” the man said.

My job isn’t exactly taxing on the ol’ brain, so I’ve be known spend many an hour daydreaming and to think over stuff like this on occasion. “For me…” I said “the idea of a God creating life actually detracts from its wonder”

At this point a customer comes in and I’m unable to continue with my thought. If you really want to know the rest of what I was going to say then you’ll have to ask, I’m more than willing to throw my ill-formed ideas at you.

The man hung around while i served the customer and then asked “So do you believe Jesus Christ existed?”

“Well, I remember watching a programme ages ago that said there was a Roman document that made note of a person creating a lot of trouble in the middle east and that document was around two thousand years old. Now, whether that person was Jesus and he was the son of God is a completely different question.”

Happy that I didn’t dismiss Jesus outright and hooking on to whether he was the son of God, the man said “Jesus said there were three explanations. Either he was who he said he was, slightly misguided, or insane. No insane person would tell you to love your brother, would they?”

Another customer comes in and the man says “I better go. It was nice talking” and then mentions something aboot Armageddon and the West Bank which I didn’t quite catch or understand. As he walks through the door he says “Remember that Christ died on the cross for your sins” and left.

Funnily enough, i watched The Passion of the Christ on thursday. It’s affecting, but then surely you’d be an inhuman monster not to be affected by watching the prolonged torture of an individual over an hour and a half? My problem is that it tries to guilt trip you into believing. “Gosh, Jesus went through Hell for us. I ‘spose we better follow him”. I feel that faith should come from somewhere else, in this case Jesus’s teachings and what he said, not the way he died.

Another thing that passed through my mind while watching was that if you take away the religious content of the film then there wasn’t a lot (other than fancy slo-mo shots) to separate it from a cheap exploitation flick. Also, can you imagine the shitstorm if someone made a film with same amount of horrific torture and the victim was a woman?

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