Hey There, World!

So I thought I’d start blogging again. Why? Well, I’ve been trying recently to get myself into the writing “groove”. It’s hard. I’m very easily distracted and also incredibly lazy. Sitting down and writing, however much fun I find it when I’m actually doing it, is a chore. I am a man who follows the path of least resistance. It is far easier to sit unthinking in front of the TV watching Diagnosis Murder than try to organise these disparate ideas I have floating around my head. But I can procrastinate no longer! I have had far too many conversations with my friend, Steve, brimming with funnies and ideas, to sit here and do nothing. I can not let them go to waste. It would be an injustice!

So, why blog? Any writing is better than no writing at all. So if I come up with a semi-regular blog it can only help  me into “the groove”. And that’s what I want. Feel free  to drop by and comment on anything and everything. It’ll keep me writing. That’s what I want. It’s a good thing.

2 Responses to “Hey There, World!”

  1. Have you tried ‘writeordie’ yet? Have I already recommended it?

    • narratorjuan Says:

      Yep, tried it. By tried, I mean looked at it, did some typing, let it get mad, and then quit.

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