News: Man Of Steel – The First Shot of Superman

There’s only one thing I can talk about today, isn’t there?

What’cha think? I was worried about Henry Cavill when they announced him. I thought him too pretty to play the Big Blue Boy Scout, all cheekbones and perfect teeth. Seeing this pic has allayed some of those fears. He seems ‘manly’ enough now, if that is the right word. The slicked back hair doesn’t bother me, but my co-conspirator, BunchOfSteve, is a little upset about the missing spit-curl. As for the suit, I’m a little disappointed. I’m not a big fan of Zach Snyder and this washed out, muted palette is indicative of his work. My Superman will always be primary-coloured, four colour throwback to the Golden Age. I hope this darker, ‘more realistic’ colouring doesn’t mean we’ll be getting a darker, more realistic Superman. The way the world is at the moment, we could do with believing that a man can fly.

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2 Responses to “News: Man Of Steel – The First Shot of Superman”

  1. What the hell is that texturing ALL OVER THE DAMN THING? I mean, is the ‘S’ not iconic enough that it needs a thick, lizardy texture to make it pop?

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