Feature: Was that Catwoman in the Background of the First Official Bane Pic?

Forgive me, I’m bored, and this post will be mostly idle speculation.

Today saw the release of the first official pic of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. I wrote about it here. After a close inspection of her goggles, I got to thinking. In the first pic released of Bane, there was a strange light in the background.

See it? Many speculated that it was Catwoman. Others just thought it a light. Here’s a close-up of Catwoman’s goggles.

Pretty kick-ass, huh? It wasn’t until I zoomed in like this that I appreciated how cool they were. Anyway, notice how the lights are blue? If we now zoom in on the Bane picture…

Ah, the light is white/yellowish. Hm. But wait! If you look at the goggles you can see the blue light bouncing off of the surrounding plastic, could that be what the strange afterglow is below the light on the Bane pic? Also there’s something of a browny-red colour up and to the right of the light. Could it be Hathaway’s hair? If you line up the left light of the goggle with it, it looks about right…

As I said, this is just idle speculation. If you’d like to add anything, feel free.

A bored geek with time on his hands is a dangerous thing…

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One Response to “Feature: Was that Catwoman in the Background of the First Official Bane Pic?”

  1. I wonder if you see the background of the L.A. set you see cars smashed up and it makes me wonder if Bane is able to pick up cars and throw them I live in Pitgtsburgh and was able to go dow to the last weekend off shooting. Bane venom pump is on his mask and he has three tumblers one with a missle launcher and 2 bomb trucks catwowmen was chasen them and so was gorden amd the batwin plus they blew up the hienz field cant wait write back.

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