Tech: iPhone 5 – The thoughts of a lazy uninformed geek

I say uniformed, I think my opinion is just as valid as your average analyst who’s paid for this sort of thing. The truth is we all know next to nothing. How different it was a year ago…

In April 2010 an Apple employee was out drinking in Redwood City, California. At some point during that night he misplaced his iPhone. So far, so average. Happens all the time. Except this iPhone was the as-yet-unreleased iPhone 4. This iPhone was found (or depending on whom you believe, taken) by another patron at the bar. When he discovered what he had in his hand he started hawking it to the many interested tech sites worldwide. Eventually, after a sum of $5000 had been exchanged, Gizmodo revealed the iPhone 4 to the world. I shan’t get into the nastiness that followed, but if you’d like to know more you can click here.

Apple’s usual watertight security was gone and the iPhone 4 started showing up in other places like Vietnam. They hype surrounding the product was huge, you couldn’t escape it if you had the slightest passing interest in gadgets or tech, and seemed to stay that way right the way to June when Steve Jobs officially announced its existence. At that point you’d have thought they hype would have died down somewhat. Nope, something else was waiting to happen as soon as we got our grubby little mitts upon Apple’s shiniest of toys…

Ah, the death grip. Yes, the way you held the phone could disrupt the signal enough so your precious new iPhone 4 would become nothing more than a glass brick. The tech world went crazy, Was the iPhone 4 faulty? Would there be a recall? Was this Apple’s biggest  mistake?Would it be their downfall? Things reached fever pitch when Apple called a conference. Jobs and co. stated all phones suffer from this problem and offered free cases to those who wanted them.

Many thought Antennagate would haunt Apple and they’d look to replace the iPhone 4 as quickly as possible. Here we are, more than a year later and no new iPhone. In fact, Apple are making silly money with the iPhone accounting for half of its revenue, selling over 20 million in the last quarter alone. It’s anecdotal evidence, but on recent trips to London I’ve spotted the iPhone 4 everywhere. The thing is huge. But that’s enough of the iPhone 4, let’s talk about the iPhone 5.

What do we know? Not a lot. Apple’s got the thing in lockdown. Even leaks of parts have been hard come by. The best that’s been gleaned is maybe it’ll have a curved glass front and back like this fake from China. How do they come to this conclusion? Because some cases have been made showing a wider, more tapered form. Then come the usual guesses of the innards – The Apple A5 chip from the iPad, 1GB RAM doubling the iPhone 4’s, 8 Megapixel camera, and the possibility of the retina screen being either slightly bigger or being fully flush with the edge of the phone. The  iOS 5 software update Apple announced at WWDC in June tells us all about the software it’ll be running, though there are very plausible rumours that the iPhone 5 will get a significant improvement in its voice recognition software.

So, what do I think? Personally, I’d be surprised by a major change in the phone’s design, I think it’ll be evolutionary, indeed if there’s any difference at all. The innards talk all seems very sane and sensible, I would love if they upped the capacity from 32GB to 64GB, the software and iCloud integration exciting me most. We’ll just have to wait until September when Apple hold their next event.

Feel free to add your two pennies worth below.

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