News: Anne Hathaway/Catwoman Kicking Ass On Dark Knight Rises LA Set

Things had gotten a little quiet on The Dark Knight Rises-front after the filming had moved from Pittsburgh, but luckily for us there are people spying on the production the world over and the latest are these pics from LA of (the lovely) Anne Hathaway kicking some major ass.

Looking pretty intense here.

Selina Kyle clearly knows how to handle herself.

So, who’s the kid? What’s that in her hand? Why do we have to wait ’til July 2012 before these questions are answered? 1. I don’t know. 2. I don’t know. And 3. because that’s when The Dark Knight Rises is released.

Sources: Den Of Geek, JustJarred

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8 Responses to “News: Anne Hathaway/Catwoman Kicking Ass On Dark Knight Rises LA Set”

  1. She’s beating that guy up with an apple! AN APPLE!!!

    • Bjorn Grainger Says:

      I bet she’s saying –

      “It’s time for you to have one of your five a day!”

      “How do you like THEM apples?”

      “One a day keeps the doctor away… but not in your case!”

  2. My bet is that the kid is a young Bruce Wayne and that Selina is an immortal. Nolan’s given up on realism and wants to segway the Batman franchise into a Highlander reboot.

  3. I love this she was ridin the Batpod all over Gotham/Pittsburgh I was able to go down for the last weekend off shooting and was able to witness the batwing,batbod chasing 3 tumblers 2 bomb trucks with gordon on top of one of them and catwomen going running to the ally but couldnt see that well. Bane’s Venom’s pump is in his mask got real close to Tom Hardy After the cut a sceen and they crossed a street and i snuck over and got autograppgh of him Anne Hathaway Gary Oldman and just was very lucky that the security guard let me stant where i was but what i know about the script is that bane does break batmans back. Write back i have more to talk about with you.

  4. She takes over when bruce wayne is in the lazures pit fixin his back and the little kid is out to late he should be home in bed but he’s be’in bad

  5. hey guys how bad ass is Bane going to be?

  6. The venom pump is on his mask and a huge scare on his back

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