News: New X-Files Movie On The Way?

What is this? 1993? Why the hell are we talking about an X-Files movie? Does anyone care any more? Why am I stuck asking questions? I’ll stop now. It seems that FHM’s Sexiest Women In The World 1996, Gillian Anderson, has let slip something in an interview in Australia. Kylie Speer, a breakfast TV host, tweeted “Just interviewed Gillian Anderson…she is super stunning in real life and said she hopes a new #X-Files 2012 movie will be out next year!”. So I’m guessing creator Chris Carter is busy writing something to with with the Mayan End Of World prophecy. Super.

Are you like, totes jazzed for another adventure with Mulder and Scully? Or are you wishing they’d abduct the franchise and leave us in peace? Let us know below.

Sources: io9, GeekTyrant

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One Response to “News: New X-Files Movie On The Way?”

  1. I’m a die hard X-Files fan so I am looking forward to a new movie but in reality a 24 movie is what I really want.

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