News: More Pics From The Dark Knight Rises

Just wondering – How do you get a job sneaking around film sets getting long lens photos of the stars? Is it something you have to go to Uni for? Are you trained by fellow photographers in the art of “paparazzi”? Or do you just spend your money and take your chances? Whatever the answer, let us all be thankful or otherwise we wouldn’t be able check out Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway looking rather dapper!

I don’t know why, but my brain just won’t accept Bale in a suit. Prancing around as Batman, yes, standing in respectable suit and tie, no. Also, that’s at Chris Nolan in the background.

(The lovely) Anne Hathaway looking swish.

I wish I had a movie production crew dressing me and adding make-up everywhere I went…

… Who am I fooling? I wish I were Anne Hathaway.

I like this pic.

I like this one even more. Very Selina Kyle/Catwoman. So, speculation – Is Selina Kyle a high-class hooker in The Dark Knight Rises? Does she use the job to case rich men’s apartments and rob them later? Is Bruce going to be one of those victims?

Bruce will be awful lonely after the events of The Dark Knight. Will Selina be the one to fill that gap? And let’s not forget about Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate/Talia Al Ghul…

The Dark Knight Rises is currently filming in LA and is due out in Summer 2012.

Sources: Den Of Geek, JustJarred, Celebuzz, BunchOfSteve

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Catwoman – First Official Look

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