News: Top Gun Getting A 3D Makeover?

Whether you like it or not, 3D is in at the moment. Studios love it because they can charge more for a ticket and it helps cut down on piracy. People love it because… well, when it works it looks quite good. But taking old films and 3D-afying them? Hm, I’m not sure. I can accept Star Wars. Just. We all know Lucas is a tinkerer and an early adopter of any new technology, so it’s almost inevitable. But Top Gun?

Yup, apparently Maverick and co. are the next in line for 3D treatment. How did this come to light? Four minutes of newly converted 3D footage from the famous “Danger Zone” sequence was shown at a broadcasting convention in Amsterdam. The plan is for a re-release in early 2012. So the question becomes why hasn’t Paramount announced this officially? Well, director Tony Scott is not on-board as yet, and they want his permission before they go ahead. Hm, you’d have thought they’d have made sure of that BEFORE the expensive conversion process had begun…

So, what do you guys think? Wanna see twirling F-14 Tomcats battling in dizzying 3D? Wildly heterosexual volleyball sequences between muscled, oiled manly men? Personally, I just want to check out the Cruise/McGillis tonsil tennis in all three amazingly intimate dimensions. It gave me funny feelings when I first saw it in simple old-fashioned 2D as a nine/ten year old.

Source: JoBlo

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One Response to “News: Top Gun Getting A 3D Makeover?”

  1. Whether or not you are a fan of the ever-growing 3D trend, if Legend3D can drum up enough business and prove that classic films can have a financially lucrative second life in 3D, there’s no telling where they’ll draw the line. ’12 Angry Men… 3D’? ‘Three(D) Men and a Baby’? ‘The Wizard 3D’?!?!

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