Tech: I Think I’ve Found My Next Watch

My last watch was the cool as flip Infinity Apus.

A great timepiece save only for a slight knock rendering it useless after only a year. My wrist has been left bare for a long time now but I think I’ve finally found the wristwatch to take its place.

Tokyoflash have always had the coolest concepts but very few ever make it to production. The Kisai Night Vision most definitely has.Of Black stainless steel construction, it features a unique way of displaying the time via sub-surface LEDs available in green, red, or blue, and supports USB charging. It’s like, hella cool and I want one.

Now I just have to decide what colour…

The Kisai Night Vision is available for £79 if your order now, but if you hang about it will eventually rise to £91.

Sources: Engadget, Tokyoflash

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