News: Star Trek 2 Finally Gets The Go-Ahead

After what seems like an eternity, J.J. Abrams has agreed to helm the new Star Trek movie.

The sequel to the most enjoyable Hollywood blockbuster of 2009, Star Trek,  is due to begin shooting in December. Originally planned for a summer 2012 release, we’ll now be looking at a winter 2012, or more realistically, a summer 2013 arrival date. Though it was hardly in doubt that Abrams would take to the director’s chair again, questions did begin to arise with things being quiet for so long. It appears that Abrams was just waiting to get his preferred writing duo of Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci in place (Kurtzman was busy putting the finishing touches to his directorial début, Welcome To People).

So there we have it, director’s in place, writer’s busy on the script, cast’s contracts picked up, it’s time to boldly go once more!

Sources: Empire, Den Of Geek, GeekTyrant

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