News: Anne Hathaway In Full Catwoman Gear – Mask And Ears!

It took a while but those ever-present spies on The Dark Knight Rises set have leaked of the lovely Anne Hathaway in the full Catwoman gear, domino mask, ears, and all!

Check it out. Very dominatrix (look at the heels on those boots), very ’60s, very Julie Newmar. I like. I like A LOT.

Interesting. Does this mean that the Cat will be working with the GCPD? Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) is looking fairly healthy. Can we assume this scene happens before he ends up in hospital?

Yeah, Bats!

Pretty much confirms that The Cat and The Bat are working together. Also, I hope this puts an end to the stupid “Joseph Gordon Levitt is Robin” rumours. Catwoman is clearly the other half of The Dark Knight’s Dynamic Duo.

It’s good to see Chris smiling. Shows he isn’t a moody dick. Well, not when working with a good director…

I hope Catwoman retains her ambiguous nature, wouldn’t want her being too goody-two-shoes.

Catwoman striding towards the Batpod…

… Or should that be Catpod?

*Insert sexist remark about wishing it was me Anne Hathaway was straddling*

So, wha’cha think? Lotta mixed feelings on this one, looking at the boards. Personally, I think it’s great. Loving the ’60s slinky spy look. Also, the leather, the boots, the mask, heck, the whole costume in general, it all makes a lot of sense if the Selina Kyle of this film is based on the high class hooker version she is taken from Frank Miller’s comic books.

The Dark Knight Rises opens in July 2012 and will most definitely be bigger than Jesus.

Sources: GeekTyrant, Just Jarred,

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