Tech: It’s Official – iPhone Event Planned For October 4th

The invites have gone out, the speculation is true – Apple want’s to talk to us about the iPhone on October 4th.

It’ll be the first event since Steve Jobs departure and the first for Tim Cook as CEO. So, what’s set to be announced? iOS5 GoldMaster, obvs. And as for the phone, there’s still some debate over the form factor – will it be a new design, similar to the iPad 2, or will it just be a simple specs bump, an iPhone 4GS, if you will. The big news, though, is word of Apple’s new “Assistant” software. A powerful bit of speech recognition software that’ll work across the device and assist you in your activities. Wanna make a date in the calendar? Just hold the home button, tell the phone, and there it’ll be in your calendar. Even better is the news that Wolfram Alpha will be baked in. Wanna know the GDP of Bolivia? Ask away and the phone will tell you. This could be amazing. And that “Let’s Talk iPhone”, could it be a little hint?

On October 4th we will find out…

Sources: @BunchOfSteve, Mashable, Engadget, Macrumors,

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