News: Man Of Steel – First Shots Of Russell Crowe As Jor-El

You know, Marlon Brando had some pretty wacky ideas when filming his brief cameo as Jor-El in Superman. Oh, like, for example, suggesting to producers that Jor-El could be ANYTHING, maybe even a talking green suitcase. Or  a giant bagel. I don’t think Russell Crowe will be espousing quite the same ideas while he’s on set of Man Of Steel. In fact, let’s check him out –

There he is, in all his splendor. Nice to see some element of Supe’s costume in Jor-El’s design. The S, the cape, even the blue fabric on his arms underneath the armour.

And here is, taking a break with a quick cigarette. I doubt he’s thinking about talking suitcases and giant bagels, not our Russ. No way. Still, I think I prefer Brando’s super day-glo uniform more.

Man Of Steel is due for release in Summer 2013. You can blame Zack Snyder for that and anything else wrong in the world.

Source: io9

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