News: New Action-Packed Tintin Trailer

Are you excited for The Adventures Of Tintin? What do you mean “No”? It’s the dream team of Steven Spielberg (1943, Amistad) and Peter Jackson (Meet The Feebles, King *snore* Kong), and in super luscious 3D! Oh, screw you…

Yeah, that made you think differently, didn’t it? I mean, pirates! We all like pirates! Well, we did, briefly, thank you Johnny Depp. Okay, what about dark, murky scenes? They’re atmospheric. It’ll be great watching those bits through the tinted 3D glassed perched on your nose. You’ll see everything! Hm. Hey, now, come on. What about the bit with motorbike and sidecar? That looks totally original and in no way reminds me of Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. Or the bazooka/rocket launcher of Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. Nope, we’re not being reminded of other movies and beloved characters in a cynical attempt to warm us to this one. Nuh-uh. Ah dang it. You’re right. It looks like a videogame. A videogame you can’t interact with. Gimme Uncharted 3 any day over this. Nathan Drake feels more human.

The Adventures Of Tintin is forced into our eyes from 26th October.

Source: MSN UK

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