Games: Nightwing In Batman: Arkham City? Also, See Robin In Action!

Batman: Arkham City is only a couple of weeks away now and the reveals are coming thick and fast. Don’t worry, this isn’t a spoiler, it’s just the first look at Nightwing.

There he is. Nightwing. Dick Grayson. The original Robin. Looking for all the world like a young Trent Reznor kitted out in a wetsuit.

That’s harsh. I don’t think it that bad. Maybe the hair is a little too neatly styled. I can’t imagine Grayson taking the straighteners and a bit of wax to his Barnet Fair before going out and kicking criminal ass.

It’s said Nightwing will be a playable character. Sounds cool, as long as it isn’t a Metal Gear Sold 2 bait and switch.

Now, let’s check out Robin in action!

Moody looking bugger, ain’t he? Reminds me of Luke Skywalker in Return Of The Jedi when he tries to rescue Han from Jabba’s Palace. That is not a bad thing. I don’t know what version of Robin this is (Batman’s son? Nix that. @BunchOf Steve just told me it’s Tim Drake) but I guess we’ll find out if we pre-order from the right place.

Batman: Arkham City is out on 21st October.

Source: /Film

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One Response to “Games: Nightwing In Batman: Arkham City? Also, See Robin In Action!”

  1. It’s Tim Drake it is

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