News: Henry Cavill Gets All Beardy On Man Of Steel Set

Looks to me like ol’ Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) is mixing it up with some down and outs to truly know what it’s like to be human. You know, alien superbeing understands us through our poorest and most put upon. It’s a lesson or something.

Or is he undercover for a story for The Daily Planet?

Superman feels the cold. Man up, Cavill. Christopher Reeve walked to the bloody North Pole.

It’s an interesting question – How does Superman shave? Well, here it’s clearly put on with glue.

Oh no! We’ve been spotted! Hide before he gets us with his heat vision!

And before we go, here’s a pic of Amy Adams as Lois Lane.

I genuinely don’t know what to think of these pics. Is this a Superman: Birthright type thing? Is Kent finding himself before becoming the Superman we know and love? Other shots of the set show a harbour and fishing boats. Clark could be working the fishing trawlers. Whatever the answer we have a long wait to find out…

Man Of Steel is out in the summer of 2013. That’s a long ways away. Share any theories down below.

Sources: GeekTyrant, JoBlo, Total Film, /Film,

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