News: It’s Here – The Avengers Trailer!

Marvel said it’d be here Tuesday, and they were true to their word. Without further ado, The Avengers trailer.

OH HELL YEAH. Explosions and witticisms. That’s all I need.

The Avengers is out in the UK on 27th April 2012, and if you’re not stood outside the cinema ont that very day waiting for it to open then I’m not quite sure what you’re doing here.

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4 Responses to “News: It’s Here – The Avengers Trailer!”

  1. No mention of hinting at the Skrull at all are they in this movie or was that just a bullshit rumour?

    • Bjorn Grainger Says:

      If the cancelled videogame tie-in is anything to by, then yes, it’s definitely the Skrull invading. My guess is they’re letting Loki carry the weight of the big bad until we get the proper reveal.

  2. So we’re not paying any attention to the Stargate-esque wingship hurtling towards New York then?

  3. I just thought that was a Quinjet.

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