News: The Dark Knight Rises Filming In New York

After a reasonably quiet period where Nolan took the filming of The Dark Knight Rises away from the public eye (C’mon people, we need SOME secrets) things are back with a bang in New York.

Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne outside the Trump Tower. It will be standing in for Wayne Enterprises in the film.

This is our first real look at Bruce and GCPD Officer John Blake together. What will be their relationship? Lots of bullshit being spoken about Joseph Gordon-Levitt being Robin. Ain’t no way. If the “Broken Bat” storyline is being touched upon then maybe, just maybe, Blake could be the new Bat. That’s something to mull over.

A proper look at Gordon-Levitt in his uniform. Could he fill the Bat’s boots? Do you care?

Looks like Blake has been assigned to protect Wayne during the unsettled times in Gotham, though I wouldn’t mind betting that Mr Wayne ends up saving Officer Blake at some point during the film.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in The Big Apple…

We’ve got some bikes leaping about over GCPD vehicles. I always love a bit of practical stunt work.

Wonder if their part of Bane’s crew? We’ve seen his Tumblers and big ol’ bastard truck. Does he have an elite motorbike riding team too?

Here’s the Batwing hovering above a big metal ball.

A better look at the Batwing (with Batman in it, innit?) and that big metal ball. Also, check out the awesome product placement! I’m pretty sure that won’t make it to the movie.

A closer look at the big metal ball. This is said to be Bane’s big bad weapon of death that’s being used to blackmail Gotham City. The countdown timer is set at 00.20. Is that 20 minutes or 20 seconds?

There we have it. Interesting pics. Filming is due to wrap shortly and then the movie will enter the lengthy post-production process, so enjoy these pics while you can.

The Dark Knight Rises is out in the UK on 20th July 2012 and will be the biggest thing since the last big thing.

Sources: Den Of Geek, GeekTyrant,

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