Games: The GTA V Trailer Is Here!

Rockstar Games released their first trailer for Grand Theft Auto V today and, my oh my, is it looking special.

It seems Rockstar North have been working hard since GTA IV. Let’s cut the crap and get to some screenshots, see what info we can glean, shall we?

Right from the get go Rockstar is revealing something new to the franchise – Check out the dog. The only animals seen in previous GTA games were seagulls, but it seems that some of the creatures found in open-world western Red Dead Redemption will be making the jump. Also, awesome freaking sunset.

Palm trees, skyscrapers, smog. This could only be Los Santos. Rockstar are bringing their biting satire to Los Angeles and the west coast, after their adventures in Liberty City, Rockstar’s version of New York.

Golf. Golf in Grand Theft Auto? One of the complaints levelled at GTA IV was there was nothing to do once you’d finished the game. Maybe Rockstar are listening and adding some more mini-games. That said, both Vice City and San Andreas featured golf clubs but had no way of playing so…

One of the new vehicles in the game – Jetskis. Speedophile 2000. Heh.

Another moan from the ‘fans’ was GTA IV being based entirely in the confines of a city, especially after the wide open spaces of the countryside and deserts of San Andreas. Looks like we’re going back into the wilds in GTA V with some MASSIVE mountains. If you can climb all the way to the top… Wow.

In this scene we see the car open its top, the first for a GTA game. Also, the sign in the background mentions piercing. Is this just a bit of hoarding giving the game some atmosphere, or is it a clue to the return of customisable characters we last saw in San Andreas?

As the shot changes we can clearly make out the tattoo on the girl’s arm, again hinting at character customisation. Oh, and the ad for E-Cola in the background – It’s good to see one of the brands from GTA‘s previous titles making a return. Helps tie their worlds together.

Rockstar North, the UK-based studio up in Edinburgh. We are still good at something. Anyway, check out those massive wind turbines, again hinting at the wide scope of rural areas within the game.

In GTA: San Andreas you had the RPG elements of being able to change the look and build of your character. Eat pizzas and burgers all day and you get fat, got to the gym or beach and workout and you become a muscle Mary. Is this yet another hint from Rockstar about these customisations making a return?

A lot of speculation to whom this is. The voice-over hints at an older guy heading out to the west coast to retire/getaway from past misdemeanours. Is this him? Some have said the narrator sounds a lot like Ray Liotta, who played Tommy Vercetti in GTA: Vice City. That game was set in the ’80s, so is this Tommy 25/30 years older? It’s a nice theory. I don’t buy it, but still…

Planes are making a return after missing out in GTA IV. The cropduster was a bit of a classic in San Andreas, being the first plane you could find. Many times I would jump in it and launch myself across to locked areas of the map before being shot down. It appears to be dusting a bunch of workers (illegal immigrants?). Another rumour doing the rounds is that there is more than one character you play during the game. Maybe the Vercetti character deals with the high-life in Los Santos, and one of these guys has you struggling to get by…

Our first suggestion at any of the missions in the game. Armed robbery going down. It’s hard to make out, but the number plate has San Andreas written on it.

The hardships we’re facing at the moment appear to be affecting those in Los Santos too. Hardly surprising. Can’t wait for Rockstar’s satirical take on our world.

One of the eery coincidences of GTA IV was Rockstar correctly predicting the banking crisis. In the subsequent episodes The Lost And The Damned and The Ballad Of Gay Tony, they added new radio content referencing the crisis as it happened. Seems we’re looking at the consequences, foreclosures and stuff.

The ladies of the night make a comeback! As if they were ever going anywhere. It’s not a GTA game unless you can murder a hooker…

Hard times. GTA V is not going to be all sweetness and light. The sign in the background definitely says Los Santos, so there’s no question what city we’re in.

Inner City Blues. Tented city underneath the freeways and underpasses of Los Santos. This trailer makes no mention of the two other cities from the previous San Andreas game – San Fierro (San Francisco) and Las Venturas (Las Vegas). Will they appear in the next trailers or have they been dropped completely? Only time will tell.

Jet fighter soaring high in the skies above Los Santos! You gotta be able to fly it or a lot of people are going to be VERY disappointed.

Things may be tough in Los Santos, but someone somewhere is still making money, pumping oil reserves from deep beneath the city.

A staple of all GTA games – The cop chase.

Seems the cops in Los Santos are the same as those in Liberty City – Overweight and out of shape. Could the guy they’re chasing be another of those multiple characters we could be playing as? This time a bad-ass gang member.

And if there was any doubt in your mind as if this was Rockstar’s version of LA, we see the Vinewood sign. Also, another aeroplane flying overhead. This time a private jet. I do hope you use these to fly between Los Santos and other cities.

A smoggy Los Santos skyline. I can’t wait to explore it!

So, there we go. A brief breakdown of the trailer and some of he things we saw. Feel free to add any additional info or theories down below.

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2 Responses to “Games: The GTA V Trailer Is Here!”

  1. It’s going to be the best game ever. Just imagine how much exploring will be done in those mountains. I reckon San Fierro and Las Venturas will be there, possibly saving them for a later trailer?

    • Bjorn Grainger Says:

      Rockstar released a statement today saying GTA V is based in Los Santos and the surrounding countryside, so I think we can rule out San Fierro and Las Venturas now.

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