News: The Dark Knight Rises Finishes Filming

Well, that’s it. Chris Nolan’s filming has finished on The Dark Knight Rises. No more leaks for us to obsessively pour over. What are we gonna do now? I know – A recap on everything we’ve covered before, and some things that we didn’t! That’ll do, right?

So, the teaser poster. What does this tell us about The Dark Knight Rises? Um, things are gonna fall? Yeah, sweet. Seriously, knowing what we know now, and the rumours we’ve heard, I’d say a disaster may befall Gotham. Bane’s big doomsday weapon is said to be an earthquake machine. Could the poster be hinting at the destruction it could cause?

Ah, and then there was the teaser trailer. Starting with Ra’s Al Ghul’s narration (suggesting a return?), and shots from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, it carefully ties the trilogy together. The single longest part is an injured Commissioner Gordon lying in a hospital bed, struggling to talk to Batman/Bruce Wayne – “…And now the evil rises. The Batman has to come back”. Wayne replies “And what if he doesn’t exist anymore?” Gordon answers “He must… He must”. Let’s speculate. From this conversation we can conclude that Bats has hung up his cape. Before certain revelations leaked during the shoot, we could assume it was after the events of The Dark Knight. Now we can’t be so sure. Let’s just say this – if Nolan touches of the Broken Bat storyline (and a recent rumour is true), the end sequence of the trailer where we see a knackered Batman facing a striding dominant Bane, could happen A LOT EARLIER in the film than we expect. Yup, you heard…

The official first pic of Bane showed Tom Hardy had bulked up to Bronson levels again. It’s hard to see in this picture, but Bane has a thick scar running down from his neck and along his spine. Is this from a previous back injury? Is the mask used to supply a pain-killing aerosol called Venom? We will have to wait and see. Dammit. Oh, and that weird hovering light to the left of Bane’s head? I touched on it here.

Then we got the first pic of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, astride the Batpod. I was a little disappointed at first, but then it grew on me. It’s a classic, sleek, sixties look. We went on to see Selina Kyle kicking some ass which really got me excited about the lovely Ms Hathaway, and then we got a full look at the Catsuit, ears and all.

Then there were the leaks – With the Tumbler destroyed in The Dark Knight, and Catwoman riding around on The Batman’s Batpod (Catpod?), what would the World’s Greatest Detective be using for transport now? We didn’t have to wait for long to find out. Seen flying around Pittsburgh and LA, it was the Batwing. There were some spoiler-filled stunt sequences and that big face off filmed in New York. In the end it all got a little silly, 1080p video on-set videos, high quality photos appearing online, it was almost as if Warners were using them to hype the film… Nah, that’s madness.

But that’s it now. No more. Filming is done. Nolan enters the cold dark emptiness of post-production. Nothing more to write about until the film is released… As if. First there’s that six-minute prologue to be shown before Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, which, as I alluded to before, could be HUGE. And there has to be a new trailer before Christmas, hasn’t there? Totes.

The Dark Knight Rises is released on the 22nd July 2012 and will be bigger than Jesus. There, I said it.

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