News: Pics Of The Amazing Spider-Man Reshoot In New York

The Amazing Spider-Man is shooting in New York right now! What’s that, I hear you say? The Amazing Spider-Man finished shooting ages ago and entered the long and arduous area of post-production where the CGI is created and added, then ruined by turning it all into 3D. Pshaw! Director Marc Webb clearly feels some reshoots are in order. Shall we have a look?

There he is – Peter Parker/Andrew Garfield… with a hanky up his nose. What?

I’m not entirely sure why he has a hanky up his nose. Nosebleed? Particularly stubborn bogey? Maybe he’s doing it for a laugh to entertain the crew. Oh, Andrew, you’re such a card!

Ah, here we go. Is this our first look at the early Spider-Man?

Certainly appears that way. This must be the equivalent of the pyjama-wearing Spidey leaping from rooftop to rooftop in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man.

If so, the must be the part wear Spidey rushed to take down the thief who murders Martin Sheen’s Uncle Ben. Oh, and check out the lady staring at her phone, missing Ol’ Web-Head in action.

Here’s Rhys Ifans as Doctor Curt Connors, the man who experiments with reptile DNA in a bid to regrow his missing arm and ends up becoming the monstrous Lizard.

Looks like he’s starting to experience problems with that new hand…

So, there we go. Not bad at all. Can’t say I was all that impressed by the first trailer, but hey, I’m gonna see this whatever. It’s Spider-Man, after all.

The Amazing Spider-Man swings onto screens here in the UK on 4th July 2012. I can’t believe I just wrote that. Sigh, I just became a hack, and so soon after starting…

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The Amazing Spider-Man

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