News: Empire’s Exclusive On The Dark Knight Rises Reveals Some Interesting Facts

Subscribers to film magazine Empire have been privy to some juicy titbits of Bat-related information from The Dark Knight Rises this week. Yep, Empire have exclusive pics and chat with director Christopher Nolan, who reveals some very interesting facts about the upcoming film. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Nolan says of the new film: “It’s really all about finishing Batman and Bruce Wayne’s story. We left him in a very precarious place. Perhaps surprisingly for some people, our story picks up quite a bit later, eight years after The Dark Knight. So he’s an older Bruce Wayne; he’s not in a great state. With Bane, we’re looking to give Batman a challenge he hasn’t had before. With our choice of villain and with our choice of story we’re testing Batman both physically as well as mentally.”

Wow. EIGHT YEARS after The Dark Knight. Kinda puts my theory of Bane attacking a weakened Batman straight after the events of The Dark Knight in the cooler. Interesting. This could this mean a Gotham without Batman for a very long time. Is Nolan touching on some themes from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns?

So, what does Tom Hardy think of his character, Bane: “Brutal… He’s brutal. He’s a big dude who’s incredibly clinical, in the fact that he has a result-based and oriented fighting style. It’s not about fighting. It’s about carnage. The style is heavy-handed, heavy-footed, it’s nasty. Anything from small-joint manipulation to crushing skulls, crushing rib cages, stamping on shins and knees and necks and collarbones and snapping heads off and tearing his fists through chests, ripping out spinal columns. He is a terrorist in mentality as well as brutal action.”

Sounds like the Bane we know from the comics, and that vicious fighting style fits perfectly with the theory that we’ll have a Broken Bat at some point during the movie.

Empire also had a chat with the film’s costume designer, Lindy Hemming. She had this to say about Bane’s mask: “He was injured early in his story. He’s suffering from pain and he needs gas to survive. He cannot survive the pain without the mask. The pipes from the mask go back along his jaw line and feed into the thing at the back where there are two canisters of what ever it is…the anaesthetic.”

So, that gas must be the Venom? Difficult to fight an opponent who’s impervious to pain. That said, it’s a hell of a target for the Bat. Break it and break the man. And wait, if Bane can’t take the mask off, how does he eat?

Meanwhile, IBNLive has a quick chat to Christian Bale about Batman, Bruce Wayne, and The Dark Knight Rises here’s what he has to say: “How long will you let the pain and loss define your life? Walking around chasing bad guys is very heroic and attracts attention, but at the end it all accounts for, as a means to deal with the pain of a huge loss. We agreed that Bruce Wayne is absolutely sincere as Bruce Wayne, and as Batman utterly sincere but Bruce Wayne, the playboy, is a pure facade, it’s a lie he has, somehow, to control one side of your soul that’s not really under control. In fact, only Alfred knows who he is. It’s time for Bruce Wayne to face the pain, that has always stirred his life.”

It’s safe to say the Bruce is hurting and lost. Remind you of anything? Yeah, The Dark Knight Returns shadow looms large.

Anyway, back in Empire, Nolan reveals all about the six minute prologue that will be shown before Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol: “It is basically the first six, seven minutes of the film. It’s an introduction to Bane, and a taste of the rest of the film.”

Sweet. Can’t wait. The Dark Knight Rises arrives on the 20th July and is going to be so good that it will be the cause of the end of the world.

Sources: Empire, /Film, GeekTyrant, Den Of Geek, JoBlo, Ain’t It Cool News, IBNLive,

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