News: Has The Viral Marketing Campaign Begun For The Dark Knight Rises?

Yesterday Wired received this unusual document from sources unknown.

After some eager sleuthing by folk much cleverer than I, it seems that pic of Dr Leonid Pavel is actor Alon Aboutboul, whose latest credit appears to be The Dark Knight Rises. Okay, that’s pretty solid. So what does a missing nuclear scientist have to with Batman?

Earlier today, Empire uploaded this censored transcript they’d received.

A militia has him? Or they don’t. He’s being followed. Could that be by The League Of Shadows? What would they want with a nuclear scientist? Well, maybe that leaked pic from the set a few months back can explain it.

Is that a nuclear bomb? Are The League Of Shadows gonna blow all shit out of Gotham City? This would certainly fit in with the crumbling destruction of the city we saw earlier in the marketing campaign.

See what I mean? Very, very interesting. We’ll keep you informed of any more info we find.

The Dark Knight Rises is released on 20th July 2012 and I’m glad those leaked pics from location shooting hasn’t spoiled the film completely. There’s still so much for us to find out.

Sources: /Film,

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