News: The Dark Knight Rises Official Trailer Released

I said it wouldn’t be long until we got The Dark Knight Rises trailer after Saturday’s leak, and I was right. Two whole English days later and here we are, able to watch it super shiny HD. What are you waiting for? Get to it! It’s fricking EPIC.

Enjoy it? Yeah, you did! Go on, watch it again. I’ll be here, waiting.

Done? Cool beans. Now let’s break it down and have a closer look, shall we?

Opening with a little boy singing the Star Spangled Banner would probably be as cheesy as all heck in any other trailer, but here it gives the trailer an eerie sense of foreboding.

Shortly after a shot of Bane, we see this. A man limps into shot holding a cane/walking stick. In the reflection on the sliver cover on the table. Is that Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) we see?

“You are as precious to me as you were to your own mother and father. I swore to them I would protect you. And I haven’t.” It looks like Michael Caine’s Alfred will once again be doing the emotional heavy-lifting of the movie. Good. There’s nobody finer.

This shot cuts me up. Never in the whole franchise have we seen Bruce look so haggard and, well, broken. What has happened to him? Has the vilification of Batman at the end of The Dark Knight ground him down? Did that fall do lasting physical damage? Is the fact he can no longer wear the mask robbing him of his only meaning in life?

Gotham City – like Chicago on steroids. I wonder what misfortune will befall the city this time?

Matthew Modine’s Nixon and some other guy share a conversation. “The mayor’s gonna dump him in the spring” “Really? But he’s a hero.” “A war hero. This is peace time.” Time to break out the Godfather boxsets! Is this a little nod to the peace time/war-time consigliere? Okay, that’s just me.

And this is whom they are talking about. Commissioner Gordon. Surrounded by posters of Harvey Dent, the man who kidnapped his family and tried to murder his son. How heavy does the lie weigh on his shoulders?

A limping Bruce Wayne enters the room, attending a party…

… and meets Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway). She has something very interesting to say to Bruce. We’ll get to that in a minute.

An explosion takes out a SWAT team…

… and we see the Gotham City Police marching through a tunnel. What’s going on here? Have Bane and his minions wrestled control of Gotham away from the police? Is the GCPD making its escape through the tunnels beneath the city?

Bane (Tom Hardy) seems to be walking through similar tunnels/corridors as the police.

Here we see Selina Kyle putting on a pearl necklace. Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but isn’t it similar to the one Bruce’s father, Thomas, bought his mother, Martha, in Batman Begins? The one that was stolen that fateful night? Hm.

Again with the tunnels. An explosion goes off taking out Gordon’s team.

We see Bane’s minions attacking and ransacking richer people’s homes. Does Bane fancy himself a revolutionary?

Here’s what Selina had to say – “You think this can last. There’s a storm coming, Mr Wayne. You and your friends better batten down the hatches, because when it hits, you’re gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.” Who said Hollywood blockbusters couldn’t be prescient?

I love this kind of portentous dialogue. It’s the type that only Nolan could get away with in his Batman movies. “But it’s not how real people talk!” I hear the haters cry. It’s not meant to be, you dolts. You want witty, and equally as unrealistic, back and forths between a squabbling ensemble cast? Go watch Whedon’s The Avengers.

Bane conducts a jailbreak. Could that be the Blackwater Correctional Facility?

And now begins the biggest sequence of the trailer…

… Bane is at the stadium, looking out from the tunnel onto the field.

But first we see a bearded Bruce enter a weird room with steps everywhere and people sat at tables…

…is this a flashback to the training he underwent in Batman Begins? Or has he sought out The League Of Shadows once more in a bid to regain fitness/rehabilitate himself? If it isn’t The League Of Shadows, who could it be? Whomever they are, it appears to be a monastic lifestyle. As the scene plays, we hear a repetitive chant in the background, Bruce asks “What does that mean?” The reply – “Rise”.

Rise. It’s a simple word, but imbued with a lot of meaning. It’s been used a lot in the marketing so far – we’ve had #TheFireRises hashtag on Twitter to reveal the first pic of Bane, in the teaser trailer an injured, hospitalised Commissioner Gordon says “And now this evil rises”, Bane says “The Fire Rises” in the six-minute prologue, and well, it’s there in the title to the film, obvs. Nolan’s Batman films have always had overarching themes – Batman Begins was fear, and The Dark Knight was chaos – will rising be The Dark Knight Rises? Wait. Does that even make sense?

Back to the stadium sequence. Bane pushes a button…

… while the game is being played.

A series of explosions go off…

…swallowing up the field and the players upon it.

We look back and see a giant hole where the seconds ago there was a football game. EPIC. Now we see the threat posed to the entire city.

How do you follow that up? An injured Bruce being towered over by a brutal Bane.

“When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die”. A lot of people dislike Bane’s mumbling discordant voice. It’s difficult to make out what he’s saying, especially with that mask covering his mouth. But, I kinda like it. And I like it even more now I’ve realised it sounds like Dr Henry Killinger from the fantastic Venture Bros.!

Our first proper look at Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate. What kind of part will she play in the film? Is she Talia Al Ghul as rumours say? If so, this brings up some interesting parallels with The Dark Knight. The trailers for The Dark Knight focussed on Heath Ledger’s Joker, with Aaron Eckhart’s Harvey “Two-Face” Dent taking a backseat. When we finally got to see the film, it was Harvey’s fall from grace that ended up having the greatest affect on the lives of Batman and Commissioner Gordon. Will we see a similar thing with Miranda Tate/Talia Al Ghul? I wouldn’t be surprised.

What’s that? Bruce Wayne smiling? Who’d have thought. In the comics we know Talia Al Ghul is one of the few people ever to have gotten close to Bruce. So close, in fact, that they had a son together. Now, I’m not saying that will happen in the film, but it’ll be interesting to see extent of their relationship, especially with a certain Cat prowling around too.

Speaking of which, here’s Selina Kyle looking pensive after just coming out of the toilet. Well, I assume.

And finally, 1:40 into a 2:11 long trailer, we finally see the Batman. And he has his new toy. We saw it not so long ago on Empire’s Exclusive covers and I really want to see what it can do!

Exploding Tumbler! It’s just cool to look at.

Okay, let’s speculate. Could this be Nolan’s version of the Lazarus Pit? In the comics they are numerous, a source of regenerative power that heals wounds and halts the ageing process, and used almost exclusively by Ra’s Al Ghul and The League Of Shadows. Of course, Nolan’s Batman can’t really go down that flight of fancy (can it?), so maybe this Lazarus Pit is a task that must be completed by only bravest and boldest warriors, or a place of learning and enlightenment. I think I may have read a little too much into this.

Quite simply Bane looking bad-ass.

Here’s a look at Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake. What do we know? He’s a cop in the GCPD and he’s secretly tasked by Commissioner Gordon to find The Batman.

This shot makes my fanboy heart skip a beat with geekish glee! A pissed off Batman faces off against Bane while all hell breaks loose around them. This might be the Batman fight to end all Batman fights.

This Tumbler has a tank-like turret and blowing the shit out of everything!

Batman and Bane are a blur as they trade punches.

Okay, yeah, I know you think I’m being crazy with this Lazarus Pit thing, but stick with me on this. This hole has some significance. In the teaser trailer we see someone, quite possibly Bane, climbing out of it. In this trailer it features twice. Once with an armed(?) group abseiling down, and now we see a single person leaping, freefall-stylee, into it. What could it be?

With the abseiling assailants, can we assume that weird room we saw Beardy Bruce in earlier is at the bottom of the great pit? I think it’s a logical assumption. The question then becomes why is it being attacked, and by whom? It’s like a riddle wrapped in an enigma gently enveloped by a conundrum. Oh, Christopher Nolan, sir, why do you do this to us?

And as the trailer ends we get the money shot of Batman and his brand new, biggest toy – The Batwing. Fuck those Tumblers up, Bats!

And there we have it, the breakdown of The Dark Knight Rises trailer. Hoped you enjoyed it. If you have anything you’d like add or speculate about, feel free to comment below. Trust me, your theories can’t be any worse than mine.

The Dark Knight Rises claws its way to the UK on the 20th July 2012.

Source: iTunes Trailers,

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