News: The Amazing Spider-Man’s The Lizard Leaked?

Sorry for the lack of updates over the last couple of weeks. It was Christmas! What do you expect? Anyway, it’s the New Year and what a way to start it with The Amazing Spider-Man news! Oh come on. Stop the moaning. It might be interesting.

Remember the concept art for The Lizard leaked a few months ago? Like everything about the film so far, it was pretty underwhelming. Anyway, it seems that what we see above has been confirmed by the remote control of a tie-in toy, of all things.

Sigh. Yeah, that’s it. Maybe it’ll work better when The Lizard is moving in super-fantastic 3D. MAYBE. The next trailer better be killer, all I’m saying, bro. To cheer ourselves up after the disappointment of The Lizard, let’s look at some high res images of sexy stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

Here we see Peter Parker looking like the lead singer of your favourite Emo band. And there I was thinking he was meant to be a glasses-wearing science geek. Things change, I guess.

Emma Stone is really pretty, huh? I’m beginning to regret not featuring her in my Top Ten Comic Book/Sci-Fi/Superhero Hotties from last year.

The Amazing Spider-Man slithers onto UK screens from the 4th July, and I’m seriously beginning to wonder if I’ll bother seeing it.

Sources: /Film, JoBlo,

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