News: High Res Image Of Noomi Rapace In Prometheus

The slow drip feed of pics from Ridley Scott’s Prometheus continues. Last week USA Today had an exclusive shot from the film, amongst their many from upcoming blockbusters. 

Here’s Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw. Loving the fringe. It’s kinda hard to make out what’s going on in this pic (what’s the glowing thing on the right? A torch? Or something else, a little more creepy?), but luckily we have another one which shows off a lot more…

There we go. Once again it’s Noomi Rapace’s Elizabeth Shaw. I love the detail and lighting on the suit she’s wearing. Noomi says of her character – “I feel like my character is the heart in the movie. You follow her, and she changes. In the beginning, she’s a believer. She believes in God and she has a very strong faith. She is a scientist and an archaeologist. She’s on this mission, and she’s full of hope. In the middle of the movie, things happen and she changes into more of a warrior. And in the end, she’s such a survivor.” Sounds like she’s the Ripley of the film, if you ask me.

Looking around, we see an awfully familiar tunnel. Definitely the ship from Alien (or similar design by the same species). And, wait. WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY? The space jockeys themselves? Oh, Ridley, you big tease. Are you still insisting the Xenomorphs won’t make an appearance too? We ALL believe you.

Also starring the likes of Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, Guy Pierce, and Idris Elba, Prometheus is launched onto UK screens from the 1st June.

Sources: USA Today, GeekTyrant, Collider,

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