Review: Troll Hunter

The Blair Witch Project has a lot to answer for. If not for its spectacular box office return on a minuscule budget, we would have been spared the current flood of ‘found footage’ films. Don’t get me wrong, I’m one of the few people who seemingly enjoyed Blair Witch, but it seems that everyone is at it these days. The fourth Paranormal Activity film is on its way. The first one is okay, I suppose, if you like your scares utterly predictable. But do we need four? How many camcorder shots of open doors do we need? We’ve also had big budget monster flick, Cloverfield. It trashed New York. Where do we go from there? Well, it seems the answer is the forests of Norway with Troll Hunter.

Three students of the Volda University investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding the deaths of bears in Norway. They follow a strange hunter by the name of Hans, and accuse him of somehow being involved in the deaths. Hans tries to flee from the filmmakers, driving across the country, but when following him into the woods late one night, they find out the truth – Hans is a troll hunter.

The highlights of the film come from the mythos, and unsurprisingly, the trolls themselves. Hans asks each of the filmmakers if they are Christian, because “Trolls can smell the blood of a Christian man” (something of a joy to us atheists). There’s also a great bit on a bridge involving three goats… The troll designs are fantastic, combining taking the traditional fairytale look, big noses, gruff and grunting, completely hairy, or skyscraper massive, and adding the perfect foresty or mountainous camouflage for their environment. They are familiar but at the same time otherworldly. The flaws are the same for every found footage film, and they don’t change here – the characters never act the way a sane or reasonable human would. If you can suspend your disbelief for that then you should be fine.

Troll Hunter is an enjoyable bit of fluff. It’s good without ever really excelling in any department. It cranks the tension a few times, but never scares or terrifies. The action scenes pass by, but don’t ever get the blood pumping the way it should. Don’t go into it expecting too much and you’ll find a fine way to pass a couple of hours.

Troll Hunter is available now on Blu-Ray and DVD here in the UK.

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