News: The Bourne Legacy Poster And Teaser Trailer Arrive

I arrived late to the Bourne franchise. I sat there piously thinking I was better than Matt Damon and his silly trilogy. How wrong I was. They are some of the finest Hollywood action movies of the last decade. Of course, seeing how well they did at the box office it was inevitable there would be a follow-up to the series and here it is – The Bourne Legacy.

Jeremy Renner takes over the lead role as Kenneth Kitson(?), replacing Matt Damon. As the poster says above “There was never just one”. He’s joined by other newcomers Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton. Stalwarts Joan Allen and Albert Finney return to the franchise.

So, what do you think? It looks Bourne, but does it feel it? Jeremy Renner is in everything these days – The Avengers, Mission Impossible. Can he fit in another huge series? I like the clues that point towards the reveal of the training these agents underwent, and the set up of Outcome after the Blackbriar/Treadstone fiasco. Ed Norton’s casting is a plus too as he’s pretty much brilliant whatever. Also seems like Universal are trying to set up a Bourne vs. Kitson battle down the line (the intention is to have a new trilogy of films) but the likelihood of Damon returning is slim. Give us your thoughts below.

The Bourne Legacy is due to hit screens from the 3rd August.

Sources: /Film, GeekTyrant,

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  1. I think it looks awesome!

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