News: Star Trek 2 Set Photos Leaked

Sorry, people. I’m a little late on this Star Trek news because I spent the weekend at London Super Comic Con! I shall hopefully have more on my adventure soon, but in the meantime let’s catch up what J.J. Abrams and co. have been up to on the set of Star Trek 2.

I wasn’t joking. Here’s J.J. Abrams directing the crew. You can see Zachary Quinto squinting in the background. The success of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol has led to Abrams using IMAX cameras in Star Trek to give it that extra sense of awe.

From here on out the photos maybe a little spoiler-filled, so please proceed with caution.


It’s the beautiful Zoe Saldana as Uhura, taking cover with a phaser. Do we get see her kick some alien ass at last?

I think the answer to that last question is very definitely “YES”. Here Ms. Saldana blasts Benedict Cumberpatch with her phaser. Is it set to ‘stun’?

Zachary Quinto and Benedict Cumberpatch go through some moves with their stunt doubles watching on.

Benedict Cumberpatch’s big bad battles Spock (Zachary Quinto) amongst giant cogged machinery.

The Sherlock Holmes star looks mightily pissed off as he grabs Spock’s hand.

Spock finally gets the upper hand on ol’ Benny with the Vulcan nerve grip.

There’s also a video of this battle, you can find it here. I can’t comment on it because I haven’t watched the footage as I’m trying not to spoil the film completely for myself.

Star Trek 2 is due to warp onto our screens from 17th May 2013.

Sources: Collider, /Film, GeekTyrant,

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