News: First Look At Javier Bardem On Skyfall Set

Shooting of the new James Bond flick, Skyfall, is well under way. is keeping us up to date with the production with pics from the set, like the one above of Dame Judy Dench and director Sam Mendes. Mr Mendes is also kind enough to provide a videoblog of his efforts film 007’s latest exploits. You can see it down below.

Some nice stuff there amongst the usual fluff. Anyway, that’s not why you’re here. You want to see Javier Bardem, don’t you?

There you go! He’s dressed as an officer in the Metropolitan Police and has blonde hair(?!). Seems poor Javier is the go-to guy for awful haircuts.

What do we know of the character Bardem is playing? Not a lot. His name is Silva and that’s about it. Other leaks have revealed that Ola Rapace (Yes, Noomi’s ex-husband) is to play Silva’s top henchman, going by the name Patrice. Naomie Harris plays Eve, not Moneypenny as some have speculated, and helps have off Bond’s beard. That may or may not be an euphemism.

I’m hoping Javier Bardem been brought in to the Bond franchise to up the bad-ass quotient of villains. Recent bad guys have been less than menacing and even more forgettable.

If Bardem is allowed to bring the level ominous threat he had with Anton Chigurh in the Coen’s No Country For Old Men we could finally have a memorable villain and a Bond film worth watching.

And it wouldn’t be right to have an article discussing the new oo7 film without featuring the man himself. There’s Daniel Craig as Britain’s suavest super spy, James Bond, looking a bit dusty.

Skyfall is the latest big blockbuster to announce it will also released on IMAX when film comes out on 26th October. Remember, IMAX is the new 3D.

Sources: Collider, Total Film, /Film, Bleeding Cool, JoBlo, Den Of Geek, GeekTyrant,

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