News: Three New The Amazing Spider-Man Clips

The Avengers is going big guns with its imminent release, but let’s not forget that there are a couple of other superhero movies this summer, not least The Amazing Spider-Man. Marc Webb’s 3D extravaganza has dropped a few brief clips of Peter Parker and his webslinging alter-ego and they are pretty bloody good. Check them out.

I LOVE this. As much as I enjoyed Raimi and Maguire’s Spider-Man films, my one complaint was their Spidey wasn’t as witty or mouthy as the comic version. Webb’s version has definitely dealt with that issue and Andrew Garfield is the wisecracking smart-ass you expect ol’ webhead to be.

This is a very brief clip showing Peter’s spider-like reflexes…

… and his first flowerings of super-strength. That, of course, leads to much slapstick humour involving broken bathroom fixtures and fittings! What larks. But in all seriousness, I’ve found most of the marketing for The Amazing Spider-Man to be uninspiring to say the least (things only changing with the recent trailer), but it seems that Webb has put his own stamp on the franchise and I am once again excited about seeing Spidey swinging through the skies.

The Amazing Spider-Man crawls onto UK screens from the 4th July.

Source: Collider,

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