News: More Ace Behind The Scenes Avenger Pics And Surprise Video

The past week has seen a major step up in the marketing for The Avengers as we enter the final month before release. Major film blogs have been allowed to publish their on-set interviews they’ve been sitting on for the last few months and with it a few brand new behind the scenes pics of the cast and crew in action. Oh, and maybe a little surprise at the bottom. Let’s have a look.

First up is the villain of the piece – Loki. Tom Hiddleston looking bad-ass crouching down. He gets scenes with almost all of The Avengers as he uses his powers of mischief and magic to manipulate and tear apart the team before they’ve even properly assembled.

Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth share a laugh in costume as Loki and Thor. It seems that one source of tension within the group will be caused by Thor trying desperately to save his brother and not have him destroyed as the other Avengers would like. Can Loki be redeemed? Is Thor the man/God who can do it?

Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye is covered by the clapper board. As you can see, this is being filmed by the second unit. Due to the size and scope of the film, director Joss Whedon couldn’t be there in person to film everything he wanted so he had to hand a lot of shooting over to the second unit.

Robert Downey Jr. looking resplendent in his Iron Man armour. He makes mention in an interview of how a particular scene with Chris Evans’ Captain America wasn’t working so Whedon went away for a few minutes and came back with four alternatives for the actors to choose from. Efficient. Also, the bulk of RDJ’s scenes are with Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner. It appears the genius inventor and super scientist are kindred spirits.

As you can see right at the top of the page, Agent Coulson gets his own poster and, we are told, finally gets to kick some ass along the way. Our favourite S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent still offers some comic relief, though, as we find out he has somewhat of a fanboy crush on Steve Rogers/Captain America.

Joss Whedon did some polishing of the dialogue on Captain America: The First AvengerHe enjoyed it immensely because he got to write 1940s dialogue and it helped acquaint his with Steve Rogers character, whose fish out of water perspective will be crucial to The Avengers.

It’s the Captain, Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) making their way off a downed quinjet. As mentioned in pervious updates, there’s an implied past between Widow and Hawkeye that lead to a close camaraderie between the characters.

After taking a backseat to Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America, The Avengers is very much S.H.I.E.L.D.’s movie. We see Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) assembling Earth’s mightiest heroes with the help of his super-assassins Black Widow and Hawkeye, their day-to-day operations, and even their awesome arsenal like the helicarrier.

Here’s that little surprise I promised…

Yeah! Scar-Jo’s Natasha Romanoff kicking villanous rectum while Clark Gregg’s Agent Coulson listens on impatiently! This film is going to crush balls!

The Avengers, or Avengers Assemble if you prefer (I don’t), blast their way onto UK screens from the 26th April.

Sources: Collider, GeekTyrant,

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