News: Sweet New Skyfall Pics Show Bond Packing Some Serious Hardware

Told you. Bond (Daniel Craig) rocking a machine gun. Check out the muzzle flash on that beauty. Yeah, so I’ve got a hold of some new Skyfall pics that I’m more than  happy to share with you. For a price. Or not. I wouldn’t do that to you. Not unless… No. Anyway, Skyfall pics. Let’s get to it!

I got you all excited with the gunfire and the promise of weaponry then I show you some girl going shopping in a mall. I’m as bastard. Well, this Bérénice Marlohe’s Severine. She’s the bad Bond girl. I talked about her in my last Skyfall update which you can find here. Judging by the signage, this is Shanghai.

I’ve done it again, haven’t I? Who wants to see some guy riding a motorbike? Well, what if I tell you this is Ola Rapace? Nope, still nothing. Okay. What if I tell you this is Ola Rapace and he plays the muscle for Javier Bardem’s bad guy Silva? Yeah, now that’s a little more interesting isn’t it. If I had to guess, and I’m going to, I’d say this is in Turkey.

Here we go! Some action at last. Naomie Harris wields a PPK as MI6 Agent Eve. Like with Bérénice Marlohe, we covered Naomie’s involvement in the film in our last Skyfall update. In a recent interview with Total Film, Ms Harris was asked if she bared any flesh like some previous Bond girls. Her reply – “I don’t reveal anything physically!” What we (the Bond girls) are offering is strength and intellect and wit and we’re equals to Bond.”

Dame Judi Dench’s M looks serious. I like the bulldog statue on the table. I am a simple creature. The rather brief synopsis of the film centres around the actions of M – “In Skyfall, Bond’s loyalty to M is tested as her past comes back to haunt her.  As MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost.” Seems M may have been naughty.

And back to Bond. Daniel Craig makes the gun look tiny in his big man hands.

Bond, still packing heat, on the streets on London. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, I like that 007 is back in the UK. It seems… right.

Ooh, I like this shot. Bond skulking in the shadows in Shanghai, keeping an eye on his target.

… and again, still in the shadows. I wonder if Bond has his own director of photography following him everywhere to help him look moody and magnificent wherever he goes? I bet he does. These secret agents have these kind of resources.

It’s not all Bond, though. This is Ralph Fiennes. He plays Gareth Mallory. We don’t know a lot about his character. It’s rumoured he’s a British agent whose motives aren’t exactly clear. Is he working with Silva, or simply after M’s job?

Daniel Craig is stood on a roof! A roof in London! That doesn’t seem very secret servicey. I mean, if I saw Daniel Craig stood on a roof, I’d totally be staring up at him. Wouldn’t you? Yeah, we all would. We’d all be staring up at the roof going “Hey, what’s Daniel Craig doing up on the roof?”.

And here we have 007 standing (he does a lot of standing) next to his iconic Aston Martin DB5. If you remember your Bond lore, you’ll know that this iteration of Bond won the DB5 in the card game from Casino Royale. And speaking of Casino Royale, Skyfall director Sam Mendes has admitted he didn’t think Daniel Craig was right for Bond – “I was one of the people who said I didn’t think he was the right casting. At the time I was asked in an interview and I said I’m not sure, I would have advised him not to do it. I was completely wrong.”  And now they’re working together and hopefully can come up with some the equal of Casino Royale and erase the memory of Quantum Of Solace.

And to finish here’s a video from where Javier Bardem talks about his character Silva.

Skyfall opens in the UK on the 26th October. Let us know what you think about the current Bond feature down below.

Sources: Collider, /Film, Bleeding Cool, Total Film,

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