News: Moonrise Kingdom International Poster And New High Quality Pics

I realise I’ve focused on the big Hollywood blockbusters as of late. You come to The Shootening and it’s all The Avengers this, The Dark Knight Rises that, but I swear that I’m not all comic book/superhero movies. No, I enjoy the indies just as much. And if there was anyone who could be crowned king of the indie, it would be Wes Anderson, all of which brings me in a long and drawn out way to his latest film, Moonrise Kingdom.

We saw the trailer way back in January and the film is due open the Cannes Film Festival in May,  so it’s not long until we get to enjoy Anderson’s latest feature. In the pic above you can see Wes Anderson mainstay Bill Murray wearing an awesome pair of trousers (or pants for our US readers). You could almost say it wouldn’t be a Wes Anderson film without him.

Hey, look, it’s Fargo‘s Frances McDormand and Die Hard‘s Bruce Willis just hanging about in a field. Can you feel the whimsy?

It’s 1965 on an island off the New England coast. Bruce Willis plays Captain Sharp. He’s searching for the two runaways that we’ll talk about later. He’s trying to find them before a storm hits.

Oh, now here’s Jason Schwartzman, another stalwart of Wes Anderson’s films. He’s Talia Shire’s son, donchaknow!

If I did my research I could probably name all the characters for you. I could. But you don’t expect that from me, do you? (Do you?) I don’t know Jason Schwartzman’s character, but the boy and girl, they are Sam (Jared Gilman) and Suzy (Kara Hayward). See, I do have some information. I’m good, ain’t I?

Sam and Suzy spy a motorbike up a tree. As you do. Is that a skull drawn onto the cliff on the bottom right-hand side? Probably not, but I got you looking though.

Kara Hayward plays Suzy Bishop. She’s the daughter of Bill Murray and Frances McDormand’s characters. She, along with Jared Gilman’s Sam, are the runaways that bring the island to a halt.

This reminds me of a similar shot seen in The Royal Tenenbaums where Gwyneth Paltrow’s character Margot reads in the tent. You remember that? No? Okay then.

Suzy and Sam are two twelve-year-olds who fall in love and make a pact to run away together and live in the wilderness. Look at me, it’s almost as if I’m looking up facts to provide you as we go along.

Back to me guessing what’s going on by looking at the picture – Um, Suzy is looking after her younger brothers? That makes sense, right? Good. Let’s go with that then.

You know other blogs? They just post the pictures. They don’t talk about them like I do. I’m really good to you. Look, Sam waves a flag. You don’t get this kind of coverage with anyone else. Appreciate it.

Now Sam is painting, wearing an Island Police hat. I’m telling you, it’s this kind of piercing insight that’ll win me awards.

Okay, I was being a dick. Or a bit of one. It’s a lot of pictures I’ve got to talk about when I’ve got very little to go on. My proper opinion – I’m super-excited for the film. Anderson is a brilliant filmmaker. I love his films and can’t wait to see this. In a summer of unrelenting superhero action, this might be the dose of quality cinema you need to get you through ’til autumn.

If you want to see some awesome motion/interactive posters, go here. I’d have posted them along with these pics but I don’t know how to make them work. Other than that, you’ll have to wait until Moonrise Kingdom is released on the 25th May.

Sources: Collider, /Film,

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