Feature: “I’m Gotham’s Reckoning” – The Dark Knight Rises Third Trailer Breakdown

It was a long wait (over four months) but last week we finally got the third and final The Dark Knight Rises trailer. In comparison to the all-encompassing media blitz that accompanied Marvel’s The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises marketing has been relatively restrained and sedate. This must be down to the quiet confidence Warner Bros. have in Christopher Nolan and the final part in the Dark Knight trilogy.

The new trailer shares many of the same traits as WB’s marketing – understated. It even feels a little… sombre, especially when compared to the previous trailer. But enough of my yakking. Let’s break this thing down.

Here’s our first look at the new DC logo accompanying the movie. It has split the comic community. Me, I’m ambivalent. My co-conspirator and sometime Shootening contributor, @BunchOfSteve, can’t stand it. That said, he’s having great difficulty enjoying anything by DC at the moment (Thanks New 52).

The trailer opens in near silence and we see a shot of Gotham City, bathed in the orange glow of a sunset.

A bearded, haggard Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale). He looks frustrated and/or pissed off. He shuffles uncomfortably, indicating an injury. I speculated before about how the fall at the end of The Dark Knight may have left lasting damage to our hero. Could this be the source of his frustration?

Those of you who saw Mission Impossible: Ghost Complex at an IMAX screening will remember this sequence well. This is the from the special Dark Knight Rises prologue that was shown before it. I’ll talk more as it appears in the trailer.

Alfred (Michael Caine) walks down a corridor in the newly rebuilt Wayne Manor.

Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) takes notice of a cop while walking. Has she been up to no good? You can bet on it. The voiceover has her talking to Bruce, the line “There’s a storm coming”. You’ll definitely remember that from the previous trailer – “There’s a storm coming, Mr Wayne. You and your friends better batten down the hatches, because when it hits, you’re gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.”

Bane (Tom Hardy) is revealed onboard the smaller CIA chartered plane. He’s after a nuclear scientist the CIA are trying to smuggle from the country and, ironically, away from Bane.

Bruce says to Selina “You sound like you’re looking forward to it”. Her reply – “I’m adaptable”.

Bane’s goons jump from the back of a larger plane…

… and hook themselves to the CIA’s plane.

The larger plane takes control…

… and drags the smaller plane through the sky. If this wasn’t a Batman film you’d swear this stunt was straight out of James Bond.

Inside the stricken plane, Bane performs a blood transfusion between the scientist and one of his goons. The man is capable and has a plan. Could he be the biggest threat Batman has ever faced?

The guy on the left asks “What are you?”. Bane’s answer “I’m Gotham’s reckoning”.

Bane triggers an explosion (the stadium centrepiece from the previous trailer), and then we see Gotham’s mayor caught in an explosion. These scenes may or may not be connected. It’s hard to tell.

The Gotham City Police Department also get caught in a series of explosions, though these seem to be happening at night. Is Bane taking out the GCPD ready for his takeover of the city?

The ground opens up and swallows the pitch and players.

This is interesting. Check out the beds lining the walkway. Is this a safe house for Gotham’s richer citizens?

It’s raided by Bane’s goons and the people cower in fear. Is Bane using the massive disparity in wealth between Gotham’s population to help him in the destruction and downfall of the city?

Officer John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) sees something while on a bridge. There’s been much speculation over this character and how he fits into the Batman’s world. I shall get into more of that later.

Gotham City’s bridges…

… are wired and explode, taking them out. Gotham’s inhabitants are trapped. This reminds me a little of the No Man’s Land storyline from the comics where Gotham suffers a massive earthquake and the government decide to abandon and evacuate the city. Any of the population left fall under the control of Gotham’s villains whom carve the city up between them.

Children onboard a school bus look on. This is a different scene from the bridge bombing because it’s snowing.

Time to speculate. I think these are Bruce Wayne’s feet and he’s being dragged… somewhere. Could it be the Lazarus Pit I speculated about in the last trailer? Bruce, of course, is Gotham’s richest person. Is a special torture being prepared for him as example to everyone else in the city?

Blake asks “Did they kill him?”

We then see Bruce trapped in the pit/well. This something I missed when talking about the previous trailer, but notice the massive callback to Batman Begins? As a child Wayne falls down a well and is rescued by his father…

… Here, a lot older and alone, Bruce attempts to climb from the pit/well. Will this be a rebirth of sorts for Wayne? Is this where he ‘rises’ ready to become the Batman once more?

Seemingly in reply to Blake, Selina answers “I’m not sure”. Now, you have to assume that Blake and Kyle are talking about Bruce. But do they know he’s Batman too? I will speculate on that very soon.

Bruce awakes in pain…

… and spies a blurry Bane. This shot was also used in the teaser trailer as our first look at the man mountain.

Bruce asks “Why didn’t you just kill me?”. Bane’s answer “Your punishment must be more severe”. Looking around you can see bars behind Bane’s head. This must be a prison for Wayne. Is this a different place from pit/well though?

Someone, possibly Wayne, leaps or falls down the pit/well.

Says it all, really.

It might have been eight years since the events of The Dark Knight but the legend lives on. This graffiti was used recently in the viral marketing campaign for the release of this very trailer.

John Blake sits with his son(?). The boy asks “Do you think he’s coming back?”. Blake answers “I don’t know”.

Bane drops Batman’s broken mask…

… and strides confidently away. Has he broken the Bat?

Catwoman looks on. Is she witnessing what happens to Batman/Wayne?

A lone Tumbler patrols the snowy streets of Gotham. Batman’s Tumbler was destroyed in The Dark Knight. How does Bane get ahold of Wayne’s tech?

Blake is held by one of Bane’s goons…

… and pushed down a snow-covered rocky incline.

Bane and his goons take control of Gotham’s Stock Exchange.

Catwoman rides the Batpod. Where’d she get that from? Is he protecting Gotham in Batman’s absence? The voiceover hints that she plays both sides – Blake asks “Why would you run? Bane?” Kyle answers “You should be afraid of him as I am”

Blake runs through some water. Is he trying to get to Batman/Wayne after the fight with Bane?

Bane towers over someone or something.

Batman said “Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded” at the end of The Dark Knight. Is Bane the one who destroys that faith by revealing the truth about Harvey Dent?

A pair of Tumblers attack the GCPD.

One of Bane’s goons shoots down a tunnel/corridor…

… the muzzle flash lights up Batman…

… who takes out the goon! Injured or not, he’s still got the bad-ass ninja skills.

Batman is trapped…

… he turns around…

… and sees Bane closing down on him.

Alfred says “I won’t bury you. I’ve buried enough members of the Wayne family.” I think this comes just before “You are as precious to me as you were to your own mother and father. I swore to them I would protect you. And I haven’t.” which we heard in the previous trailer. Alfred is trying desperately to protect Bruce from something. Is it Bane? Is it himself?

Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) lights a flare…

Bane is heard telling one of his minions in the plane hijack “The fire rises”. Is ‘the fire’ his actions against Gotham?

… and Batman steps from the shadows. Remember at the end of The Dark Knight they agreed to sever links so they could save Harvey Dent’s legacy. Batman was charged with Dent’s murders and Gordon had to bring him.

Gotham’s silent guardian, its watchful protector, looks out upon his city. Might this be the final shot like the iconic Batpod disappearing into a bright light at the end of The Dark Knight?

Catwoman says “You don’t owe these people anymore. You’ve given them everything”. A hint of Selina slightly more flexible approach to morality?

Bane turns to face an approaching Batman. This is the big fight sequence (I presume is near the end of the film) where Bane’s goons and the GCPD go at it to retake control of Gotham.

Blake puts his hands up and expects the worst. Right, this is as good as time as any to speculate about Blake’s role in the film. There are a lot of silly rumours going around – that he’s Nightwing, or even Robin. I’ll dismiss those right now just out of practicality. If the Batman needs any help from a sidekick or whatever, that role will definitely be filled by Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman. We’ve seen her riding on the Batpod (and will see her fighting alongside Bats), I don’t think the evidence could be any clearer.

All we’ve heard about Blake is he’s (possibly) assigned to find out the identity of the Batman. Also, leaked shots from filming last year point to Blake being police protection for Bruce Wayne. Could he make the connection between Wayne and Batman? Quite possibly. The latest rumour even says that Blake ends up putting of the cowl himself and taking the place of Wayne. This MIGHT happen, but I think it unlikely. Wayne dedicated himself for years to become the Batman, could a ‘lowly’ street cop be able to come in and fill that role as effectively? If Blake puts on the cowl, IF, he will be the one who ends up having his back broken by Bane. You heard it here first.

My take on Blake is simple – he’s the Everyman. He’s the audience. He’s the one who’s eyes we look through while Jim Gordon is in hospital, and when Bruce is prisoner. Blake is how we know what’s going on in Gotham City. But hey, what do I know?

Our first look at Morgan Freeman’s Lucius Fox in the new film. Question to be asked – How did his Tumbler tech end up in the hands of Bane? Also, what new toys has the man developed for Bats to play with? Well, we know of at least one big addition…

Batman takes a swing at Bane…

… he misses and takes a full shot to the ribs.

Commissioner Gordon takes cover from an explosion that takes out his fellow officers.

Batman’s reply to Catwoman “Not everything. Not yet.” An indication that Bruce may sacrifice everything to save Gotham?

I have to point out that this bit is used as evidence to Blake wearing the cowl. Why? Because the line is whispered without the usual Bale-like growl (even though he drops the gruffness several times in the previous two films) and that the face looks “a little like Joseph Gordon-Levitt”. Um, no. Seeing it in live-action you can see it’s definitely Bale’s trademark lipcurl. Try again, idiots.

Now we see Batman on the Batpod. Does he give Catwoman the Batpod or does she take it?

Commissioner Gordon is blown back by something. I wonder what it could be?

Selina Kyle (Yes, that’s Anne Hathaway in the orange boiler suit/prisoner uniform!) grabs ahold of another prisoner’s hands…

… and flips acrobatically. Does Catwoman instigate the prison break for Bane? Or is this her own attempt to break free? If I had to speculate (and I will), I say it’s the former. A lot of the evidence in the trailer points to the Cat working with Bane to begin with. When she witnesses what happens to Batman at the hands of Bane, that’s when she questions if she’s chosen the right side.

Matthew Modine’s Nixon leads the GCPD into battle with Bane’s goons.

They wage war in the streets.

Batman and Bane go to war amongst them.

Ah, here’s a brief glimpse of Marion Cotillard’s Miranda Tate sharing a very intimate moment with Bruce. She’s barely featured in the trailers at all which leads me to believe she plays quite a big role in the plot. That said, Cotillard revealed recently in an interviews that she DOES NOT play Talia Al Ghul as speculated by some. Oh, who to believe…

An explosion envelops Bane’s truck…

… and from a different angle. What’s onboard? Who or what is firing at the vehicle?

Batman and Catwoman fighting side by side taking out Bane’s goons.

Motorbikes race through the city. I wonder if this has anything to do with Bane…

… speaking of which, here he is, stood atop a Tumbler. He’s preaching to Gotham’s populace, revealing what really happened to Harvey Dent.

Again with the underground tunnels and explosions. What’s Bane up to down there?

Blake and Nixon are caught in a blast.

YEAH. Batman chases down the Tumblers in his brand new vehicle, The Bat.

It looks like The Bat packs a punch as it takes out a Tumbler…

… and sends it tumbling through the air.

Catwoman – “My mother warned me about getting into cars with strange men”

Batman (back to his gravelly best) – “This isn’t a car”

The GCPD are blown away by The Bat.

The Bat is like a cross between a jet and a helicopter and is highly manoeuvrable…

… it launches up and over a skyscraper, flipping to reveal a rotor blades underneath…

… while trying to escape a pair of missiles fired at the vehicle.

Can The Bat escape destruction? We’ll just have to wait and see.

So there we go. Breakdown complete. Now we simply have to wait the couple of months until The Dark Knight Rises hits cinema screens. The three trailers have been nearly perfect from my perspective. They give so little of the story away yet reveal enough to interest and excite. There will be lots of surprises in store, of that I am sure. Chris Nolan’s grand opera could be the perfect summer antidote to the intense pop sugar rush of Joss Whedon’s The Avengers. Anyway, please feel free to add your thoughts/opinions/theories below.

The Dark Knight Rises hits screens the world over on the 20th July.

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