News: Images From Brian De Palma’s Passion

Look, I’m not going to lie to you. I probably would have zero interest in Brian De Palma’s latest feature, Passion, if it wasn’t for Noomi Rapace starring in it. It’s totally unprofessional to reveal so, but I have a massive crush on Ms Rapace. I just think she’s… awesome. Anyway, we’ve gotten ahold of some brand new pics from the film and it’s probably a good idea if we checked them out.

Yeah, okay. Now I look like a giant perv. “Oh Bjorn only wants to see this film because his crush Noomi Rapace makes out with a girl!” Well, that’s where you’re wrong. If I wanted to do that I’d just watch The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo again. Oh… Here Christine (Rachel McAdams) shares an intimate moment with Isabelle (Noomi Rapace)

Here’s Rachel McAdams in stockings and lingerie, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Rachel McAdams puts on some make-up…

… and in the shower. Right, let me just say – if I knew they we’re going to be this, um, ‘fascinating’ I wouldn’t have posted them. I’m not into cheap titillation. *cough*

Back at the top I said that I have zero interest in Brain De Palma’s latest films, but should I have this opinion? Should I be so apathetic towards him? The guy has directed some stone-cold classics over the years –  Carrie, Blow Out, Scarface, The Untouchables, Carlito’s Way. Yes, Mission To Mars did a lot of damage to his rep, but The Black Dahlia clawed a lot of it back with its critical success. Maybe I shouldn’t be such a fickle snob.

So, I’ve strung it out for long enough now. Passion is a remake of a French thriller called Love Crime. The synopsis reads as follows – “An erotic thriller in the tradition of Dressed To Kill and Basic Instinct, Brian de Palma’s Passion tells the story of a deadly power struggle between two women in the dog-eat-dog world of international business. Christine possesses the natural elegance and casual ease associated with one who has a healthy relationship with money and power. Innocent, lovely and easily exploited, her admiring protégé Isabelle is full of cutting-edge ideas that Christine has no qualms about stealing. They’re on the same team, after all… Christine takes pleasure in exercising control over the younger woman, leading her one step at a time ever deeper into a game of seduction and manipulation, dominance and humiliation. But when Isabelle falls into bed with one of Christine’s lovers, war breaks out. On the night of the murder, Isabelle is at the ballet, while Christine receives an invitation to seduction. From whom? Christine loves surprises. Naked she goes to meet the mystery lover waiting in her bedroom…”

If I’m honest, the Basic Instinct comparison doesn’t exactly fill me with hope. Maybe De Palma has the class to lift it out of the ordinary. We will have to wait until early 2013 when Passion is released in the UK to find out.

Sources: Collider, Bleeding Cool,

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