News: Man Of Steel Scene Descriptions And Other Titbits

Things have been a little quiet on the Man Of Steel front lately. This is what happens when films go into their lengthy post-production phase. Luckily for us, though, a recent effects sizzle reel was shown to folk at a VFX industry event. This sizzle reel just so happened to contain some footage from Zack Snyder’s new Superman movie. Sadly there was no leak of the actual footage, but we’ve got the next best thing – a description of the action from a pretty reliable source. Wanna read all about it? Then join us after the jump.

So, yeah, one of the viewers of the footage posted a lengthy description on an IMDB message board, and I will reproduce the entirety of his account so you can decide for yourself whether this source can be trusted. Here we go –

“I’m a visual effects supervisor for the upcoming film After.Earth, the M. Night Shyamalan picture. I’ve also done work on AvatarIron Man, and Sin City. I’m on IMDb. I’ll admit I check my own page from time to time. It feels good.

I frequent this board often, I’m a huge comic book fan (as shown by the movies I’ve worked on). Last night at a VFX conference there was a sizzle reel shown by Weta. In this sizzle reel there were two beta level(most likely from a trailer) clips shown. One only about 6 seconds long, the other much longer.

The former was Clark Kent grabbing a truck with a crying man inside of it while flying through the middle of a tornado. It looked incredible. Henry Cavill can fly, and he can hold a truck in one arm. Zack Snyder brings his usual visual flair, but somehow is still unlike anything he has made before. It felt like a Superman comic. Real heroism.

The longer clip was even more stunning, but the more I think about it, slightly concerning. The clip consisted of Superman in full costume in a verbal argument with Zod in the center of Smallville with Christopher Meloni yells at them through a megaphone next to a tank. Meloni warns them he will fire if they do not surrender. While he says this Zod sizes Superman up. Shannon looks evil as he can be. Bone chilling even. And is DEFINITELY sporting enhanced muscle. Cavill’s Superman is a wonderful sight to behold in motion. Cavill’s pure size makes him the most believable Superman to date. Zod speaks in Kryptonian “Do you know your native tongue, Kal-el?” Superman looks stunned, and responds in English, “Who are you?” (there isn’t enough Superman dialogue to judge Cavill’s performance fairly, but I’d say he did well. Nothing spectacular from this clip.) Meloni curses, then into a walkie talkie orders the tank to fire. Superman hears this and turns to the tank. Zod takes this opportunity to sucker punch Superman(in Zack Snyder slow-then-fast-mo) then when the tank fires Superman rushes in front of Zod, despite the punch and catches the exploding missile near his stomach. The flames ripple around him, hit his face, his cape, his eyes. The shrapnel hits him and bounces off. The same happens to Zod to a lesser extent. Meloni’s shocked expression when they remain standing, silhouettes in a cloud of smoke, ends the clip.

It was incredible, it really was. And absolutely visually stunning, but my qualm is its typical Zack Snyder. It doesn’t look glossy like his films do. It instead has a more clean cut, colorful look. Like Thor, or Iron Man. But it is the same slow-mo styling that people expect from him. Maybe it just happens in this one scene, but it happens twice. Makes me a bit hesitant, despite the fact it looks phenomenal.”

Wow. I hope this is true. Those set pieces sound amazing. I also like the poster’s honesty about Snyder judicious use of slow-mo. It’s a concern I think we all share.

Sticking with the concerns, Dylan Sprayberry, who plays a young Clark Kent in the film, recently talked about where he thought Snyder was taking the new Superman movie. He said –

“When Zack and I were talking about it the first time, he was saying how Superman, they want to give it a more edgy feel like ‘The Dark Knight’ but also make it more realistic and emotional so it’s not just the all-american superhero that saves everyone. He has dilemmas and love and struggles throughout the whole movie, especially when he’s a kid.”

Hm. This was a big worry I had from the moment Snyder was announced as director. I don’t want Superman to be ‘edgy’ like The Dark Knight. That’s why we have Batman. I want Supes to be the shining light of the DC Universe. I certainly don’t want him moping about like he was made to do for the majority of Superman Returns. Still, this is one persons words and we have yet to see any footage of the film so we can come to our own conclusions. Until then I will remain wary, but optimistic.

And finally, we have a potential spoiler here. Nothing big, but if you want to remain completely unspoiled I recommend you stop reading now. Okay, gone? ‘kay. A bulletin board prop was recently auctioned off for charity. On it contained some reasons as to why Lois Lane (Amy Adams) would show up in Smallville, Clark Kent’s hometown. From one of the articles pinned to the board it was gleaned that there have been cases of poisoning in Metropolis that have been linked to mysterious black rocks (black Kryptonite?) that fell on Smallville around the same time a certain Superman came to Earth. Interesting.

With the end of The Dark Knight trilogy ending this summer, Man Of Steel will be the lone DC superhero movie going up against an increasing popular series of Marvel franchises. Will Snyder’s Superman have what it takes? We will find out in the summer of 2013.

Sources: Collider, GeekTyrant,

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