News: More Iron Man 3 Casting News and Potential Thor 2 Big Bad

Well, yes, of course that would happen. As soon as I write a round up of Marvel movie news, a truckload of casting info is revealed for Iron Man 3 and a familiar face enters talks for the role of big bad in Thor 2. Let’s get to it…

First up, after revealing he’ll be on producer duties for Iron Man 3Jon Favreau has also let slip he will be reprising the role of Happy Hogan for the next Iron Man feature. Though the role is little more than an extended cameo it’s great to see him return, and especially not hold any grudges with Marvel Studios. A falling out over money led to Favreau dropping out of directing Iron Man 3 to work on Disney’s Magic Kingdom, paving the way for Shane Black to take over.

So, after it was reported that James Badge Dale was cast as villain Eric Savin/Coldblood, we get news of another villain who may be in the film. Ashley Hamilton (most famous for being George Hamilton’s son) is in talks to play Firepower, another armoured bad guy. Don’t expect an overkill of metal-suited scoundrels ruining the film, though, as Hamilton’s role will be a small one as a government agent.

A keen-eyed fellow at the production spotted William Sadler on going for a costume fitting on set in North Carolina. Sadler is probably most famous for playing Death in Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey or Die Hard 2′s Colonel Stuart. There’s no word on the role he’ll be playing in the new film.

Mads Mikkelsen, most famous for his ball-crushing turn as Le Chiffre in Casino Royale, is in talks to play the villain in Alan Taylor’s Thor 2There’s been no leak to who this bad guy will be, though fans have mentioned dark elf Malekith The Accursed, the reason being he once wielded the casket of winters (something that played a big part in the first Thor) and has been known to work with Loki. Tom Hiddleston’s Loki is said to play a big part in proceedings once again.

If you have any ideas on who the Thor big bad could be, or anything to share about the casting in Iron Man 3, let us know below.

Iron Man 3 is due to open on the 3rd May 2013, and Thor 2 on the 15th November 2013.

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