Review: Iron Sky

If you’re a regular reader of my reviews you’d know at this point I’d typically write something funny about how the execs came to greenlight the movie, or how the director is someone who I really respect and admire. You know, something frivolous and irrelevant to lead us gently into the meat of the review. In the case of Iron Sky I have nothing like that. Nothing. This does not bode well.

The year is 2018. The President Of The United States (Stephanie Paul, playing a parody of Sarah Palin complete with dead stuffed animals in the oval office) approval ratings are down so she authorises a mission to the moon to improve her popularity and secretly mine for Helium-3 (Thanks Duncan Jones and Moon!) to solve the US energy crisis. When the astronauts land the find someone has already beaten them to it – the Nazis! Yes, at the close of the war, the Nazi’s fled to the moon and rebuilt their Reich to prepare for the invasion of Earth.

A lot has been made Iron Sky of being one of the first real crowdfunded movie projects. In fact, one of the first laughs the film got at the viewing I saw was the number of production companies and titles that are shown before the film starts. And this may be Iron Sky‘s biggest problem. You get a distinct feeling that there may have been to many meddling hands in the film’s production as it stumbles blindly looking for focus. Is it a sci-fi horror? Is it a parody? Satire? The filmmakers don’t seem to know and neither do we. To their credit, the cast TRY and play it straight, though it’s hard to tell if that’s what director Timo Vuorensola wanted. The attempts at humour are broad to say the least – A street-talking black man coloured white with straight blonde hair? Hilarious. There are references to many better films – Dr Strangelove being the most obvious, and they even manage to shoehorn in the Downfall meme. Sigh. I’d say the humour was dated, but I don’t think it was ever ‘in’.

If there are any plus points, it’s the design and the effects. The Nazi’s moonbase and space vehicles have a cool steampunky/forties wartime aesthetic. For its limited budget, some of the FX is pretty ace. Giant space zeppelins towing massive pieces of moon rock through space to drop on Earth in a ‘meteor blitzkrieg’ is certainly memorable. That is it, though. Once again, it’s one of those ideas that sounds great on paper but fails in nearly every part of its execution. Avoid unless you are very very drunk and very very bored one Friday night.

Iron Sky, starring Julie Dietze, Peta Sargeant, Udo Kier, Götz Otto, and Christopher Kirby, is out on Blu-Ray and DVD now.

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One Response to “Review: Iron Sky”

  1. Yes, a very odd film…. indeed what was the genre?
    Interesting effects. I did attempt to grasp some of the hidden message behind the confusion but failed and remain confused.

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