News: First Iron Man 3 Pics Leak *MASSIVE SPOILERS*

As mentioned last week, the filming of Iron Man 3 has begun and the first pics have leaked from the set. Boy, are they HUGE. For now I have to be a giant prick-tease, but rest assured I will get the down below very soon. First…

Marvel still deny it (much as they did Loki returning as the bad guy for The Avengers) but sources have confirmed that Sir Ben Kingsley will be playing The Mandarin, as every man and his dog had speculated. The more interesting news, though is that it’s said The Mandarin will not be the main villain, more an ominous silent partner to Guy Pearce’s Aldrich Killian. Killian is the creator of the Extremis nanotechnology virus that can infect individuals giving them superhero-like powers. Could this mean that The Mandarin is being set up as a bigger threat in later Iron Man movies? Only time will tell.

Now to the big news…





The Superficial has gotten their hands on the first juicy pics from the Iron Man 3 set. An Iron Man suit decked out in the red, white, and blue? Can only be the Iron Patriot.

In the comics, the Iron Patriot was a suit/persona adopted by Norman Osborn (one of Spider-Man’s greatest nemeses – The Green Goblin) during the ‘Dark Reign’ storyline.

Osborn led a government-sanctioned Avengers, all manned by supervillains, and waged a campaign against the world’s heroes casting them as the enemy.

Now, those of well versed in the intricacies of character rights know that Spider-Man and all his foes are owned by Sony, so there’s virtually no chance of the Iron Patriot being Norman Osborn. So, who will be donning the suit we see above? Set-spotters have confirmed that it’s James Badge Dale in the armour.

Last we heard, Dale was playing an Iron Man baddy Eric Savin, also known as Coldblood. Could Savin be the Iron Patriot instead? It’s looking that way.

There’s a lot of fan fear that Iron Man 3 will be guys in armour overkill, just like Iron Man 2. If I am allowed to speculate, I would like to posit a theory – Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) says in Iron Man 2 that the world’s nations and arms companies are nearly twenty years behind his level armour technology. This still stands. Stark takes out these inferior pieces of equipment with ease. It’s only when faced will Killian’s Extremis nanotech does he become aware of a technology he hadn’t prepared for. This puts Stark on the back foot for the first time since he was in the cave in Iron Man. That’s my theory, anyway.

Iron Man 3, directed by Shane Black, hits screens on the 3rd May, 2013.

Sources: Collider, Screenrant, Coming Soon,

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