News: The Dark Knight Rises Pics, Empire Interviews, And New TV Spots

The Dark Knight Rises hype machine is now at full steam ahead (not that needs it). Magazines and websites are printing their exclusive interviews and visits to the set, and new pics to promote the film are being released every day, like the Batman one above…

… and this Catwoman IMAX poster here. Along with these new posters, the previously released pics have been posted without the annoying text. Instead of covering old ground, though, we’ll share the most interesting excerpts from the Empire exclusive on the film in the latest issue. Let’s go.

Director Christopher Nolan talks about how he always approached The Dark Knight Rises as a series closer – “What drew me to Batman in the first place was Bruce Wayne’s story, and that he’s a real character whose story begins in childhood. He’s not a fully formed character like James Bond, so what we’re doing is following the journey of this guy from a child who goes through this horrible experience of becoming this extraordinary character. That, for me, became a three-part story. And obviously the third part becomes the ending of the guy’s story.”

In what might be considered a slight *SPOILER*,Batman himself, Christian Bale, is well aware that this is the conclusion to the trilogy, but never say never – “My understanding is that this is the last one. I think it’s appropriate, I think it’s going out at the right time. But…if Chris came to me with a script and said, ‘You know what? There is another story’ then I would love the challenge of making a fourth one work.”

Tom Hardy, who plays big bad Bane, was asked if he had any apprehension on following Heath Ledger’s performance as The Joker in The Dark Knight – “No, I don’t think absolutely.  That would be putting myself in a competition with somebody who’s clearly brilliant.  And it’s not a question of whose talent is greater or whose work is greater.  It’s just trying to be the best that we can be, rather then trying to be better then somebody else. I’m not trying to be better than somebody else.  What he did was amazing.  That’s that.  I’ve got a part I’ve got to play, and I want to play my part.

Chris Nolan had this to say about Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman – “Catwoman is a very iconic figure in the Batman pantheon. I was nervous about how she would fit into our world. But [Jonathan] was very much convinced that there would be a great way to do it and eventually turned me around. Once I got my head around the idea of looking at that character through the prism of our films, saying, ‘Who could that person be in real life?’ we figured it out. She’s a bit of a con-woman, something of a grifter. A hard-edged kind of criminal.”

Jonathan Nolan, brother of Chris and co-writer of his Bat-films, had this to say about the Cat – “What we’re endeavoring to do here is tell a complete take on the Batman mythos. And a complete take of the Batman mythos without the character for me was sacrilegious,” Nolan said. “You’ve gotta have her, because she has a delicious greyness to her that helps define who Batman is. She keeps wavering on this line of, ‘Is she a good guy or a bad guy?’ Well, she’s kind of neither. And that’s why, to me, that relationship and that character only enhances the universe — and the Batman character.”

The scale of this film is huge as Chris Nolan points out – “This is the biggest one I’ve done. The biggest one anyone’s done since the silent era, in truth.”

When asked the inevitable question about Heath Ledger and The Joker, Nolan answers matter-of-factly – “We’re not addressing The Joker at all. That is something I felt very strongly about in terms of my relationship with Heath and the experience I went through with him on The Dark Knight. I didn’t want to in any way try and account for a real-life tragedy. That seemed inappropriate to me. We just have a new set of characters and a continuation of Bruce Wayne’s story. Not involving The Joker”.

Now to the TV spots.

Michael Caine’s Alfred doesn’t exactly break the news softly – “You’re not Batman anymore”. Pretty much confirms my suspicions I had back when I did the breakdown of the first trailer.

“I’m retired”. That doesn’t stop Morgan Freeman’s Lucius Fox tempting Bruce with his latest gadgets, though, does it? I like this one because it hints at the humour that is sometimes overlooked in Nolan’s Dark Knight films.

The Dark Knight Rises release date is creeping ever closer. The 20th July can’t come soon enough.

Sources: Empire, Collider, /Film, Den Of Geek, Total Film,

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