News: The Amazing Spider-Man Pics And Vids

The first Amazing Spider-Man reviews are doing the rounds and are mostly positive, which is a good thing. It seems my apprehension towards the reboot was unfounded. So, with this happy news ringing in our collective ears, let’s check out some pics and vids as we count down to the film’s release.

Emma Stone appears perfectly cast as Gwen Stacy. As a natural redhead you would have thought she’d make a perfect Mary-Jane Watson, but no, dye hair blonde and you have girl-next-door Gwen Stacy.

Spider-Man exits a sewer. I’m having flashbacks to Spider-Man 3. This is not good.

I wonder if ‘da kidz’ are aware of Gwen’s fate in the comics? All I’ll say is don’t get too attached.

One of the behind the scenes shots from director Marc Webb’s Twitter account. Spidey performs some flips that astound the young Andrew Garfield.

Next up we have some more behind the scenes stuff, this time videos. SIX in total, adding up to 20 whole English minutes of Spider-action. Or not. Beware, there are a few *SPOILERS* in the following footage. Proceed with caution.

Wow. But that’s not all! No, we’ve a couple of TV spots combined together in one video too!

Some epic new previously unseen shots in there. I genuinely hope the 3D works for this film, it could be brilliantly vertiginous.

And finally, the full three-minute clip of the car thief sequence we’ve seen in the trailers…

Seems that this Spidey is the complete opposite to the last when it comes the quips. Could it be they’ve taken it too far? You’ll just have to wait for my review to find out.

The Amazing Spider-Man opens in the UK on 4th July.

Sources: Den Of Geek, Collider, GeekTyrant,

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