News: The Dark Knight Rises Viral Campaign Reveals Some Juicy Details

The Dark Knight Rises is almost upon us. With little under a month to go, we still know surprisingly little about the plot of the film (which can only be a good thing), but the viral campaign is giving us a nice taster of what’s happened in Christopher Nolan’s Bat-universe since the events of The Dark Knight.

We see that Harvey Dent has almost be deified by the people of Gotham, even given a day of celebration in his honour. It seems that Batman’s (Christian Bale) sacrifice at the end of The Dark Knight was enough to bring the city together and help save itself. The other story is about a spate of burglaries. I wonder whom that could be about? (If you’re slow, and many of you are, it’s Catwoman. Catwoman is a thief).

As we saw from the trailer, it’s during the Rogues big match that Bane (Tom Hardy) makes his devastating appearance ripping a giant hole in the field in the middle of play. This is a nice little set up for that moment in the movie. The other story about the public library being renamed may be a clue to something. Wayne Enterprises has helped donate an entire wing for the library. Is this evidence of Bruce’s increasing philanthropy since he retired The Batman, or has Wayne used the building to expand his cave/arsenal?

Ooh, the missing building machinery must be down to Bane and his crew. They’re stealing the equipment to help tunnel beneath the city. The daily horoscope clearly hints at themes and events in the movie. It appears that Matthew Modine’s Deputy Commissioner Foley is on the case of Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman for those burglaries. And finally, that ad for leads to a site under construction and a patent (below) for an algorithm that make you disappear completely from the internet. Interesting.

Next up in the viral campaign is a letter from Morgan Freeman’s Lucius Fox to Bruce Wayne. It has some very juicy info. Check it out –

“Dear Bruce,

I hope this letter finds you well.  Although I would have liked to have had this conversation with you personally, Alfred tells me I am better off writing as you are not receiving any visitors at the moment.  That being the case, I’ll do my best to detail what I feel is becoming a situation within the company.

It’s a given that in the current economic climate our investors have become increasingly concerned about how their money is being spent.  As such, our own profitability is being judged and analyzed, particularly by the Board itself.  In the past, we haven’t given them any reason to worry as both our earnings and spending have been consistent.  This allowed us the autonomy to dedicate resources to Wayne philanthropic programs as well as our own R&D endeavors.  But over the past five quarters, our earnings have been on the downtrend.  Meanwhile, our R&D spending has been on an astronomical uptrend.  And as the black grows fainter around the entire company, I am being put into a position where I have to answer certain questions, particularly about your energy project.

No one is going to dispute the fact that innovation is key to our growth and success.  It’s a mainstay of our business, which is all the more reason why the Board has begun to scrutinize our R&D budget and set their sights on your machine.  Since they don’t know exactly what you’re up to, all they understand is a vast amount of capital is being spent on something they now deem as fruitless – quest for clean energy.  Herein lies the problem.

The last time we spoke, you expressed your reluctance to move the project forward and initiate the next phase of trials.  I understand your argument as to why.  But if you want the company to continue to fund your efforts, I think it is time we give the Board more than just the overview they already have, enlightening them on what this project will mean to Gotham if you are successful.  On a personal note, I’d also like to let them know that with age, Bruce Wayne has decided to fill his father’s shoes, using Wayne Enterprises and all its resources to readily and reliably support our city.

Nothing bad can come from this, Bruce.  But if you decide not to address the issue at hand, I am not sure how long I can keep the Board at bay.  Making matters more difficult is your absence.  I am assuming you have your reasons for it and it is not my job to question those, but I fear that if you are going to drop off the radar for an extended period of time, we may risk another Bill Earle situation.  I can see a couple [of] Board Members already maneuvering to build influence around the table, most notably John Daggett, who I feel is the last person we want to engage in a power struggle.

When I agreed to take on this role I knew full well what the job and our agreement entailed.  I am also well aware of your preferred ways of handling all matters relating to Wayne Enterprises However, I must tell you that we are quickly approaching a set of circumstances that will unfortunately call for a change if we do not address the Board.  Change in most instances is not a bad thing, but in this regard I am worried.  I’m sure you consider my pessimism to be just another part of my charm.  That may be the case, but let’s remember: you didn’t hire me for my charm.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With luck it will be in person.

Lucius Fox”

Bruce is in hiding. Wayne Enterprises are working on clean energy project (how very Iron Man) that’s burning through the reserves of cash. The board is becoming hostile because of this and may try another takeover of the company. And linking into that, we have this screen cap of a profile on Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard).

Bruce clearly has a lot of faith in Ms Tate. But, if the speculation is true, we know she’s Talia Al Ghul, daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul (Liam Neeson), the villain from Batman Begins. If she’s championing this clean energy, could she also have an ulterior motive? Maybe this device will be used by Bane to finally destroy Gotham.

There are some very interesting titbits in these pieces. Do you guys have any theories you’d like to share? Let us know below.

The Dark Knight Rises blasts onto UK screens from the 20th July.

Sources: Collider, GeekTyrant, /Film,

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