News: New The Dark Knight Rises TV Spot And Some Spoilers

Here’s a quick update – A new The Dark Knight Rises TV spot has surfaced focussing on the relationship between Batman (Christian Bale) and Catwoman (Anne Hathaway). Are they friends or enemies? This little clip gives us a clue.

Well, it appears the two team up to take on Bane (Tom Hardy) as he attempts to destroy Gotham City. It’s good to see a little playfulness in their back and forths, meaning the film won’t be an unrelenting bleak-fest (for a superhero movie anyway).

The other day I wrote about the latest viral marketing for the film, which featured a letter from Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) to Bruce Wayne. It concerned a project to create a clean and renewable source of energy to power the city. The board was growing restless at the lack of progress and Fox was having trouble placating them in Wayne’s absence. The letter you see above was just released and is Bruce’s reply. It reads –


Tell the board as of today the project is shut down. As we discussed before, there is too much at stake and the risk too great. That is my only concern.



So, what was the project Wayne and Lucius were working on? I may just have the answer…







Yes, that weird ball we saw in leaked set photos way back when is a fusion reactor. The sun is kept alight by a nuclear fusion, a fusion reactor attempts the recreate that process in a controlled way here on Earth, allowing for near-limitless amounts of energy. If that reaction is uncontrolled, however, it has the potential to destroy like a nuclear bomb. No wonder Bane is interested in it. This is not the only spoiler we have…

This one has been long rumoured, but it appears that a slightly mouthy press release reveals that Cillian Murphy will be attending the European premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. Murphy played Dr Jonathan Crane aka The Scarecrow in Batman Begins and had a brief cameo in The Dark Knight. Does this mean he’ll be making an appearance in Rises? I wouldn’t be against it.

The Dark Knight Rises, the third and final part in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, is released around the world from the 20th July. I can’t wait.

Sources: Collider, /Film,

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