News: Marvel Panel At San Diego Comic Con Announces “Phase Two” – Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Captain America 2, Guardians Of The Galaxy, And Ant-Man

Marvel Studios showed no sign of slowing their pace after the massive success of The AvengersQuite the opposite, in fact. No, Marvel used their panel at San Diego Comic Con to announce they were beginning “Phase Two” of their film strategy, and boy is it a biggie! Let’s talk the big boys first.

There are few bigger than Iron Man at the moment. We showed you the new Mark VIII armour over the weekend, but that wasn’t all that was shown. Robert Downey Jr. made an appearance, dancing to the stage to the tones of Luther Vandross. He was joined on the panel by Iron Man 3 director Shane Black, former Iron Man director and current Happy Hogan Jon Favreau, Rhodey Rhodes himself Don Cheadle, and the (evil) Marvel Studios mastermind Kevin Feige. The laughed and joked and generally charmed the pants off of the audience. That’s not why you’re here, though you wanna know about the footage that was shown. Don’t blame you.

The footage opens with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) in his lab. Using will alone his glove flies from across the lab and attaches itself to his hand, then other parts of armour start rushing in, and this is where things go wrong. Parts start smashing the lab, hitting Stark in the back and in the crotch. The last part, the faceplate, hovers defiantly in front of him. Stark says “I’m not afraid of you” and the faceplate zooms towards him. Stark flips over, the faceplate clicks into place, and he lands striking a kick-ass pose.

The next scene  features Stark and Happy Hogan bantering. Happy reveals he’s quit as Stark’s bodyguard because of all the heat he’s getting from his friends – Why would Iron Man need a bodyguard? He also rips on Stark for being one of the “Super Friends”.

Next up is a montage of various scenes featuring Rhodey, Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts and Guy Pearce’s Aldrich Killian. Pepper is seen picking up a broken  faceplate from Iron Man’s armour. Killian, besuited, is viewed with an eery voice-over “Some people consider me a terrorist. I consider myself more of a teacher.  Lesson 1: There’s no such things as heroes.”

From this we see Stark’s mansion being destroyed by a series of missiles launched from helicopters. All of Stark’s old armour is destroyed and Stark, in his new Mark VIII armour, manages to escape. He dives into the ocean and desperately tries to avoid the falling debris from above. The screen fades to black…

… That’s not the end! There’s a close-up of a man’s hands as he puts the last of ten rings on his fingers. A figure removes his hood and points a gun at nobody in particular. The screen fades out and in again and shows THE MANDARIN (Sir Ben Kingsley) sat on a throne. He says “If you beg for mercy, you will be silenced.” Finish. Awesome.

Iron Man 3 is due for the release in the US on the 3rd May 2013.

Before all that excitement, Feige announced the new title to the Thor sequel – Thor: The Dark World. The title (which is better than the stupid numbering system of the Iron Man series) doesn’t reveal a lot for director Alan Taylor’s shot at the Asgardian God, but Kevin Feige did announce that Zachary Levi (best known for TV series Chuck) will be taking over the role of Fandral in the new film. There’s still no news on who’ll play the villain after Mads Mikkelsen dropped out to take the lead in the new series Hannibal.

Thor: The Dark World thunders onto screens from the 8th November 2013.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the official name to the Captain America: The First Avenger follow up. The title almost certainly reveals the storyline of the film – In the comics The Winter Soldier is a brainwashed Bucky Barnes, Cap’s best friend who’s seen falling from the train and to his apparent death in The First Avenger. A super-assassin, his new demeanour isn’t exactly friendly to Steve Rogers.

The Russo Bros. directed Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits screens on the 4th April 2014.

Kevin Feige also announced the first of the new “Phase Two” films – Guardians Of The Galaxy. My ignorance of this title is such that I can’t tell you a lot other than what was reported at SDCC – The Guardian Of The Galaxy are a team of interstellar heroes sent from the future and tasked with protecting the galaxy from danger.

The concept art above shows the line-up for the new film – (From left to right) Drax The Destroyer, Groot, Star Lord, Rocket Raccoon, and Gamora.

There’s no news on a director or cast but Guardians Of The Galaxy has been given a release date of the 1st August 2014.

And finally, after reporting on Twitter that he was in rainy ol’ London town all week, Edgar Wright made a surprise appearance at SDCC and revealed the test footage for Ant-Man he’d shot only a few weeks before!

Staring down a corridor at two suited goons protecting an elevator, the camera moves to a grate and shows a shrunken Ant-Man watching. He leaps from the grate and starts running towards the goons, but they can’t see him in his small state. Suddenly he grows to full size, they start firing their weapons, and Ant-Man shrinks again. He’s seen running down the barrel of a gun, leaping, and punching out a goon with his fully-grown weight behind the blow. He takes out he other guard, gets in the elevator, the doors close and it pings as the footage comes to an end.

Wright described Ant-Man’s look as “a mix of the contemporary and Silver Age”, with the classic helmet and all, and proclaimed “Ant-Man will kick your ass one inch at a time!” No date was given for the release as Wright is busy working on The World’s End with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost but is hopeful of shooting sometime next year.

It feels like Marvel’s panel dominated at San Diego Comic Con this year. What do you think? Which of the many titles shown/announced excite you the most? Let us know down below.

Sources: Collider, GeekTyrant, /Film, Bleeding Cool,

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