News: Super High Quality Dredd Pics


Dredd‘s positive showing at San Diego Comic Con last week has helped put a lot of fears I had to rest. It means  I can wave bye-bye to my usual trepidation and actually look forward to the September release of the feature. In the meantime, lets look at some ridiculously high quality pics of Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) and his chums in action.


This is a pretty good look at the more practical/real world version of the Judge’s uniform. Kitted in body armour, the only real extravagance appears to be the eagle of justice belt buckle, the rest of the uniform is muted.


Judge Anderson (Olivia Thirlby) searches the corridors of Peach Trees block for her target. Blocks are like cities contained within one giant building.


And here are the blocks in all their glory. towering above the traditional skyscrapers we’re familiar with. In the comic the blocks are always named after celebrities or some such. Here, these blocks have the names of the writers/artists of Judge Dredd in 2000AD – Ezquerra, O’Neill, Bolland, and Grant.


Dredd and Anderson force their way into the CCTV room that’s been keeping track of their movements within in the block.


Dredd raids the Slo-Mo factory in Peach Trees block. Slo-Mo is the drug that gives the user the slowed down version of the world we saw in the clip released last week.


Ma-Ma (Lena Headley) controls most of Peach Trees block due Slo-Mo. She intends on spreading it to every block in Mega City One and taking the sprawling megalopolis for herself.


Judges Lex (Langley Kirkwood) and Alvarez (Deobia Oparei) arrive to assist Dredd and Anderson. Or DO they?


Anderson is captured by Ma-Ma’s goons. I’m glad that the movie version has stuck the Anderson’s powerful psychic abilities. They should help her escape this dangerous situation.


Ma-Ma wheels out the big guns to take out the Judges encroaching on her turf. I like that Ma-Ma still has time to style her hair perfectly before dealing with the law.


Dredd escapes and explosion caused by Ma-Ma’s gunfire.


Anderson and Dredd stare intently at… something.

So, what do you think of these pics? Are you excited about Dredd? Let us know how you feel about anything and everything to do with the movie down below.

Dredd hits UK screens from the 7th September.

Sources: ComicBookMovie, GeekTyrant,

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